The non-intent customer has a 100 thousands dollars order

Release time: 2018-02-11 10:12:43

Sometimes customers don't know which kind of specific product they want,they simply want to know what a product can be used to do.

The non-intent customer has a 100 thousands dollars order

This is a Canadian client. His inquiry was very simple and he told me he was a mascot maker and interested in our products. After receiving the inquiry,I analyzed the background of this customer and found that their factory were a big one. Although he did not seem to be our potential customers to learn from their official website that none of their previous toys used the fabrics we sold,I still felt it was necessary to reply it well. Besides,it seemed that our fabrics could also do some toys. Then I replied and sent some pictures of our product which was suitable for toys to him,and told him I can provide customization.

After that customer disappeared, I sent emails to him through Outlook, Gmail, and corporate email. When encounter the case customers don’t reply your email, we can use more email address to reply. They may not reply your email,but reply your colleagues’.

Sure enough,the customer replied. They worried the quality of our products,because they are doing the brand. So I took the initiative to send him the videos of our factory production,finished products,fabric packaging,inspection,shipping and a video that I saw the stuff toys which were made of our products when I went shopping.

I have accustomed to record a video about inspection after finishing production well,shipping and the other important process. When I can't reply some questions the customers referred clearly, I will send them related videos. Everyone can learn from the course and accumulate some materials.

The client was glad to receive my video and replied to me: “quality seems good, we are waiting for other suppliers send us videos,will give you reply later.”

After a week,clients sent me an email: “compare with others, your videos are clear and particular, please send me the samples in the video ,those fabric meet my target.” Once you offered videos to customers,they would also ask other suppliers to provide such things. If they couldn't provide them correctly,they will be passed. Then he provided a payment account,I sent a sample to him directly.

About half a month later, I received a call saying he was in Shanghai and would visit our factory tomorrow. I didn't know who the customers is until I listened the keyword “mascot”. Everyone should set up a signature file in the Email. If they couldn't contact you by Email,they can use other way to communicate with you. In addition,don't pay attention to a customer all the time, after sending samples to customers,we can concentrate on doing other things.

Too many people can't wait for half a month, they will focus on the customers all the time. If the customers disappeared 1 or 2 days, they will send customers meaningless email to remind them every day. One of the salesman said his client said he would determine this afternoon, but only 2 hours later that the customer didn't reply him,he was anxious what they could do.Even though the customer intents to place an order, if you urged them all the time, they won't have passion to cooperate with you. Doing international trade needs patience,if not,you will be dominated by your clients. The more anxious you are, the more you lose.

The customer came to the factory with his own sample, which the material was completely different from ours, but he was still interested in our products. He said he had looked for a lot of suppliers’ products,but there was still a lot of discrepancies which couldn't meet their demands. He selected other samples, talked about the price and delivery with us, and placed an two cabinets’ order of $100,000. This was the first time for customer to purchase such product,but he made an big order.

We are always limited by the thinking that only the one who had purchased this product or often buy this product is our potential customer. However, we ignore the applied scope of the product itself. The customer who knows what they want clearly or has the same samples of your product also means fiercely competitive.You can't get order or there is no benefit for the order. We shall not only provide what products customers want,but also recommend products to them