Before developing customers,distinguish them first

Release time: 2018-02-23 11:14:21

There are still a lot people can't classify customers clearly even though they have done international trade several years. They find customers blindly and think everyone is their customers so that they waste a lot of time and have low work efficiency. The salesmen shall not only have the professional skill of product analysis but also grasp the method of using the supply and demand to analysis customers.

Before developing customers,distinguish them first

Before starting your work, you should determine the target and find the main contradiction. There we should be careful that the customers are not same. They could be divided into 5 sorts: professional buyers, wholesales or traders, shops or factories buyers , project needs buyers, and end consumers. The purchasing amount of professional buyers is the largest which may trade tens of millions or dozens of counters of goods. The amount of wholes or traders is a bit less than professional buyers. The shop buyers are popular with internet developing recently that they also inquiry, but these orders are not big that is just 2 counters a year.

As for project needs buyers, they may order a high counter at first and bluff you they are big customers to let you give a good price, but they only order once. For example, the order I received before, the customers was a global well-known brand and ordered a high counter. I considered he was a big customer and gave him a very low price. But one year later, I didn't receive a returning order all the time. At the end, he told me the cloth was used to decorate their shops, their clothing won't use it, and they only buy it once.

The end consumers always fudged their order. They inquired on Alibaba and only bought a little thing. They only bought goods for themselves because they were sold by wholesale and cheaper than other places. We shouldn't spend time on them and don't talk with them. Business can be made from small one to a big one, but you should choose the right customers. The sorts of customers decide their purchase intention, quality, power and the attention you should pay on.

For the end consumer, we shouldn't pay attention to them. Because Their order is often several hundred dollars goods, except for you are do Amazon B2C business. The project needs buyers usually don't care the price very much, you can markup the price and the only thing you should be careful is to let purchaser feel you are reliable. The shops and factories’ orders can be kept unless you have big orders. Wholesales or traders are our main customers to do business with. we should spend 90% time on them.

How to distinguish them? If there is customs data, you can check the information directly and view their purchase efficiency and quality. If not, you can search them on Google and understand the origin of the company. Once you can't find any information, you can ask them directly.