Do international trade,learn develop customer by Google search first

Release time: 2018-03-14 13:20:47

There are large amount people using Google search engine,but most of them can't use it well.For example searching a cup,many people will input “cup”directly and then find out the information in massive content. Even though it is a easy way,but it will waste a lot of time.If we use some skills,it is easy for us to get information quickly and precisely.

First, use symbols to narrow your searching range. Input keywords in double quotes.It means searching the content that is same to the keywords containing the word order. Such as searching “stained glass”,the search results displayed will only be stained glass, not yellow glass or other one. Asterisk* “*” is a common used wildcard,if you forget a phrase or word,you can use “*” instead,the search engine will automatically complete it.

Second, add index to precisely search. If we disassemble this word,it will be in url.Its role is to limited the search in url.For example,we search the customer related to toys,input “inurl:toys”,the result will display the pages related to toys. Intitle “Intitle:+keywords “ is one of the most frequently used advanced search instructions.Its meaning is that return to the page contains the specified keywords.Is there any difference between adding intitle and no?As the pictures show searching “led light “,it's 10 thousands times difference between them.

Advanced instruction “Intitle” can add double keywords.The structure will be “keyword 1+ Intitle: keyword 2”.We must pay attention that there will a space between the word and Intitle. It will return the result that contains keyword 2 in the title and then find out the result you want related to that company. Filetype:
Filetype is used for specific file format.For example,if you are looking for a PDF file about textiles, enter "filetype: pdf textile" to find the file in the appropriate format, download and print it directly. This is convenient for users who need to download local policy documents or reports. Related:
Related command specifically used to find similar pages. For example, typing "related:" will display the webpage related or similar to the result.
This command is used to search for the page information of a particular website. For example, enter "" ,we will find the website's information. At the same time, Google uses more listings to find websites.

Third, use Google's professional site.
Google not only has Google search,but also has many professional sites. For example,”Google answer”will let users ask for help to professional team which is similar to a website that asks help for doctors.”Google blog search” can search a large number of graphic books; “Google scholar” can search for professional academic magazines and papers; “Google U.S. Government Search” can search the US government and regional policy information and so on. There are many similar sites, if you want to find a more professional site, try "Google + keyword + Search" search format.