The hard experience of recovery money

Release time: 2018-04-03 13:45:09

I believe that what we scared best is not we don't have an order, but that the customers didn't pay for it. During my four years international trade experience, I rarely encounter the payment problem until I meet the Indian customer.

I encountered an Indian customer and his company strength is strong. And I also consult our India cooperator about this customer and know that this company really had a great demand for the products. But there was a problem their payment was slow. Our cooperator suggested us to dun the payment on time. Once they didn't pay on time, they will not pay for a long time.

The hard experience of recovery money

Thus, when it’s time to receive the payment, I sent the customer an email and marked which contact number was and when the payment date was.
As the following shows: Dear ****, 
Wish you a nice day. 
Pls make the payment PO NO# ****** //*******  [CAS NO ]  12KG  totally USD3876 
Pls accordling to the PO payment TT 30 days yo make the payment. 
Thanks in advanced

After several days, I didn't receive any reply. So I began to remind customer every day, looked for the phone number via the email and add his Whatsapp account. The first day, he didn't reply me. How should I do? I began to try to send an email and leave messages on Whatsapp every day. Finally, he replied me, but several days later, he disappeared again. The bellow is our dialog:

Me: Have you make payment on 12KG?
Customer: Will make in nextweek
Me: Dear, please arrange early
Customer: OK
Me: Our financial system reminder me
Customer: Understood

Me: Are you online?
Me:Please reply me
Customer:I am on personal emergency.. Will get back to you later
Me:Please arrange the payment dear
Me: Hello,dear. Are you back?
Me: Hi,dear. The financial department everyday rush me about the payment for the end of the year.

Me: Hello,dear
Me: Can you reply me email or whatsapp about the payment? The year ending
Customer: +91-***

Customer: Dear, I left +91-***Get in touch with Mr ** or ** further. Sorry, I couldn’t help you this time. Me: But the payment Customer: Mr *** or *** help you in getting the same Me: Can you give me email of Mr *** Customer: ***@***

After a long time waiting, I received another person’s reply which said they will make the payment and their leader also left messages to deal with the payment problem ASAP. I relaxed a little, but before receiving the money, I still was anxious. Hope they can make the payment on time. All in all, we must insist on and can't give up receiving money from customers.