Earn the shipment cost but lost customers, be careful about fraud

Release time: 2018-04-10 14:49:06

There are many miscellaneous items in the shipping fee. What we understand is just the tip of the iceberg floating on the water. There are various miscellaneous expenses in the water we cannot see. We cannot be greedy for a tip that can cause us lose more. If you received a shipping fee that you think is not normal, you should be careful about it so that you can‘t be treated. Cindy learned the experience at the expense of lost a good customer.

Earn the shipment cost but lost customers, be careful about fraud

Once Cindy received an American customers order, everything was going well, the customer trusted Cindy and let her delivery the goods directly after receiving the sample. It was 13 parties in total and delivered as FOB.Then Cindy asked freight forwarder to give a quotation.The freight forwarder provided two ways: one was free LCL, the other was not only free but also refund tens of dollars. Cindy considered she gave the customer a low price if she can earn some money by this, why not. So she selected the second method.

When the goods were delivering, Cindy sent this customer the copy of BL and then the customer paid directly. Cindy was glad to talk with him more details of long-term cooperation. He expressed if the quality of the product was good, he will place his order to Cindy gradually which made Cindy feel him a good customer. But several days later, when Cindy contacted with him, she couldn't get any reply. Till several times following, the customer told Cindy the fee of 13 parties goods was more expensive than a small cabinet and he thought Cindy combined with freight forwarder to fraud him and won't cooperate with her anymore.

As the sample shows, there is no standard for shipping fee, some of them are received by the shipowner, some are received by the import or export ports, even some are designed by the freight forwarders. If we don’t be careful about it, we will be deceived. Therefore if the payment method is CIF, we should use our own freight forwarders. If it is FOB, we can’t be greedy for a little cheap which is not normal. We should consult all the details of the fees to avoid customers or us paying more for it that influence our long-term cooperation.