The first time I met the foreign customer, I could only say ‘Hi’

Release time: 2018-04-23 13:21:16

Now I have done international trade for 4 years, but once I remember the first time I met the foreign customer, I can still feel how embarrassed I experienced that time.

The first time I met the foreign customer, I could only say ‘Hi’aa

After graduation, I didn’t plan to do international trade, but to be a planner. However, I entered this industry with bleak and wrong. Why didn't I want to do international trade? Because my English is very poor. During the middle school time, I was always asked to talk with the English teacher and encouraged never giving up. In the college entrance examination, the course with the lowest goal is not mathematics, but the English.

Thanks my boss ignoring my poor English and give me a chance to do this work. In the beginning, I could send emails with the help the translation tools. Due to the accumulation of English learning at school, I could deal with the normal work. Even for the writing of function descriptions, I could also hold it. After working 2 months, my boss suddenly told me a customer would visit our factory and let me translate for him. “Oh, my god!” I felt my world is dark. I had to say to my boss, my English is poor and I can't make it. My boss also knew a little English and told me it didn't matter and let me have a try. If I couldn't do it, he would ask his friend for help. Then I followed my boss to receipt the customer with a heavy heart. I was very nervous during sitting in the car. I try to simulate how I would say and what I could say in my heart. Nevertheless, when I saw the Russian customer, I was so nervous that I could heard my heart beat and could only say a word‘Hi’. The customer said a lot but I can't understand the professional words. Therefore the story was over and we asked my boss’ friend for help.

After that, my boss didn't blame me and just told me I should improve my English skills. Encouraged by this experience, I tried my best to attend all kinds of English corner and speak English as much as I can. Besides, I also realized doing everything need well preparing, such as preparing the professional vocabulary, the necessary brochure,etc.