How many people were cheated by this kind of customers?

Release time: 2018-05-15 15:53:45

Several days ago, I received an inquiry that was from a blue brand customer with whole company name and a completing display of Alibaba information.

After quotation, this customer sent me another supplier's price for comparing. He said this company’s price was only $3100 and cheaper a lot than ours. I explained our product was better, we didn’t sell bad quality products, and our product price with the same quality was cheaper. The customer said there were a lot of customers said their products were good, but he decided to cooperate with you.Because he thought I was a good man and trust me. It’s attractive and I was excited about it.I think this customer would be certain to place an order.

This customer said he didn't know why he was comfortable with my words and dealing with me. Therefore I made a new quotation and gave him a little cheaper price. I checked his email every day and I felt this customer have 99% possibility to buy. He would pay right now! I was excited. I prepared the contact and box-girder for tax refunds. As my experience, this customer will certainly pay. But the opposite is proved to be true. He told me he would pay next Monday, but still several weeks later, I didn't receive his payment.

As for me, the customers saying sweet words never place an order except for Indians. So it is still uncertain before receiving the payment. We shouldn't pay attention to what the customers have said, but what they have done.