The inappropriate email nearly lead 2 million dollars loss

Release time: 2018-05-28 10:37:56

‘I really can't go asleep', Lisa said. She developed a customer who placed a 2-million dollars order. The customer opened a new model and will visit her factory next Monday. But at the critical moment, she made a mistake. After she checked the materials with the customer, she sent them to the related person. But she sent a duplicate to the customer's competitor that caused the customer angered it very much. Lisa felt so sorry about it and was anxious if she would lose the order.

The inappropriate email nearly lead 2 million dollars loss

An email is a good tool for business, but we should be careful about the content, related persons, attachment, etc. We should be careful about the following things.

Notice the carbon copy.
Recently there came a new sales, Anne. She was asked to follow a customer. When she sent customer emails, the customer doesn't reply her at that time. Anne found the CEO's contact information on the business, so she thought herself clever to send the purchaser and made a copy to the CEO 'Why no feedback'. For a while, she received a call from the purchaser and asked her if she wanted to tell his boss he didn't work earnestly. He was angered with it and never cooperated with her anymore.

In international trade, we should always contact the one who we get in touch first. It shows our attitude. Never threaten others by the copy email. There must be reasons they don't reply your email. Besides,when you add a new person to the copy email, explain clearly his relationship with the order. We must be careful about the email content in order not to bother the receiver.

Be careful about the email content.
Lisa always recommended new products to the customers. Once, she sorted the product late at night and she sent the email as soon as possible. The next day, she received the greet from one of her customer that asked if she was too tired. Lisa was curious Why told that and asked him the reason. The customer told her she wrote the wrong name in the email. She checks it again and it's really a mistake. Fortunately, this customer is her good friend that he didn't be angered by it.

Pay attention if the attachment is added successfully. Once, a customer sent an email and asked her to send the design drawings that he will talk about it at the meeting next day. Lisa expressed the drawings will be made on that day. But the next day Lisa received a call from him that he didn't find the drawing in the attachment. Then Lisa was hurried to get the office and sent the drawing to the customer.

Sending email is not just simple. An email may cause we lose a 2 million dollars order, which even effects our career. Doing international trade is not just talking casually with the customer, we must do our best to deal with every detail well. Thus our performance can continue to grow.