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How to make your customers be willing to buy?

Time:2017-08-21 17:27:45

we often encounter the case in the practical work that the guests bargain, and then you gave them a low price ,but they still want you give more discount .when your reply is “no”,they will disappear immediately . After a while,they appear and want to cooperation with us ,perhaps because our price is the lowest compare with others .At the end ,they accept the price and confirm the order.

In the case,It semms there is no problem about the salesmen. but as far as i'm concerned,it is a completely mistake.Why don't we use a more wisdom and efficiency way to communicate with our customers.How should we do?

It is a psychological game,the key is to allow customers to have a feeling of winning .The most important thing to do business is all-win. 
If a competitor suddenly ran out, even if the price is the same with you, he might find someone else. The reason is very simple, he felt embarrassed here.


In my opinion, when the guests cut a price which we can not do, we shouldn’t  refuse immediately, rudely saying that we can‘t provide this price, or if you can get a cheaper price somewhere else, you find others.

Because even though you give a good price, but the listener don’t think it will get the money worth.
You can say we can not do this price, because some reasons. But at the same time,we can use the tactful way and throw an olive branch. For example, we can say the price we really can not do it, but if you can increase the number of points, I can go to the big boss for 2 cents cheaper. Of course, this increase  amount of practices is a skill, not a big opening, angered the other offensive.

We can analyze it with a real case which is perhaps more understandable:
Assume that the guest inquiry is a pair of jeans, you quote $5.2 according to the number of other 3000pcs .Then after two rounds of bargaining, you agree the price $5.Finally guests change design draft from 1 to two elevator without extra cost.
Perhaps the guests will not accept your price, or will bargain, ask you to do at $4.9, otherwise there will not be an order. At this time, many of my friends want to step to the target price, let the guest orders down. The idea is right, but in practice, many guests will not order immediately, because your promise is too easy , they will think the price is not cheap enough. They will compare the price with others.
If  the price is higher than you ,they'll get back to you later.

If the price is lower than you, they can use this as an excuse, overturned the previous price target, and talk you about the price.
If the price is almost the same it will a psychological game. They will probably continue to cut prices, or ask to give more attractive conditions.
So this approach is obviously not the best one. Otherwise, it is better to use some skills and appropriate guidance.

For example, you can tell the guests that if you increase the quantity of 15%, to 3450pcs, I can try to ask boss for another 2 cents to the price of $4.98.
First, 15% of the amount is not too outrageous, and is also within the guests received range, even when the other party is refused, we also have the leeway. But if you start an increase of 50%, if the other party is refused, you will embarrase.

Second, A big boss deliberately carried out this big Buddha, it is the subconscious let the guest know that this price is already big boss approval,  it is indeed a very good price. This is a psychological suggestion that the price is equal to each other, I really have bottomed out ,the boss of the price privilege can put out all to you.

If the guests agree and increase the amount to 3450pcs, but you can still have do at 4.9 dollars.of course it is a good thing. You finally agreed reluctantly that is also a mediation and guests feel that you made a big concession.Then he has the feeling of winning and think of the orders made, finally agreed  the price.

If the guest does not agree , because they had determined  the amount  of goods and hadn't the increased sales plan.
In this case, if the customers didn't agree to increase the amount,but you still agree to cut down 2 cents,they will feel they had win a lot.
In a word, doing business is to make both you and customers happy, .if you let the customr orders reluctantly , it is very easy to gain orders. So it's very important to have skills and ability to negotiate.

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