When received the sample, the customer disappeared

Release time: 2018-06-07 14:29:41

Delivering samples is one of the ordinary work for the sales of international trade. When we get initial contact with the customers or in the final stage of negotiations, most of the customers need to verify the product that will ask the suppliers provide samples. A lot of customers ask to send free samples, some even want suppliers to pay the freight of International express. It's ordinary and not only you face the problem. Because of the difference of thinking and negotiation skills, the agreement result is different.

Why should we do our best to charge the sample fee?
The free sample means invaluable. They don't think highly of it. In contrast to it,when the customer charge for the sample, they will check and prepare it carefully. Thus we will have more opportunities to win them.

Do we need to charge the sample fee from every customer?
No. We should judge the situation according to the specific condition. If the sample is valuable, we certainly can't provide sample free of charge. If the customer is a capable client, you communicate well with each other and the sample is not expansive, you can, apply to provide it for free. Once they place an order, we can get enough benefit. It's not fixing, just due to the specific circumstance.

Why the customer disappeared after receiving the sample?
We can't confirm it. There may be so many reasons, such as the sample is not fit, lost the trust; the price is high, they have not interested in; the product of competitors is more cost-effective; they are waiting for the director to decode, etc. We should be patience on it.

How to break the deadlock?
Even though we don't know why they disappeared, what we can do is that ensure the sample meet customer' demand and there is no problem about the appearance and quality of the sample to eliminate the reason caused by ourselves. Then we can try to ask customers open-ended questions and closed questions to guide customers to place an order. For example, call them or send emails to them to ask the sample has arrived several days if we can have a detailed conversation. what's about the payment? if there is no problem with the sample, can we have a deeper cooperation? Except for sample, is there any other thing you are worried about?

Don't be anxious when the customers disappear. We should learn the negotiation thinking 'Think first, then act'. We should be active to ask and collect more information about customers so that we can find a breakthrough to get orders.