When the customer disappeared, the third ways will help you

Release time: 2018-07-03 15:29:01

The customer who sends an inquiry disappeared is common in international trade. Some of them disappeared after your first reply, some disappeared after the quotation. Even someone communicates well with you but disappear suddenly. Only after a deep communication with the customers, we can have chances to deal with it. Or there will be no orders.

When the customer disappeared, the third ways will help you

For the ones who disappeared after inquiry, what we can do is to reply on time.
One reason is that if you reply slowly, they may have a depth negotiation with other suppliers and choose the supplier, thus they won't consider other suppliers. The other reason is that it will reduce customer's trust to us. In the beginning, they can't receive your reply on time. How can you let them trust you can deal with problems for them on time? It's common that we receive the inquiry at the middle of the night and you also reply them when you go to the office. The top 10 suppliers on Alibaba have 100% timely response. If you can't reply on time, the orders will be taken away by them.

For the ones who disappeared after the quotation, how should we do?
The main reason that they disappeared is the question of quotation skills. If you quote the price figures to the customer directly, when they compare it and find there are no advantages, they will pass you directly. When making a quotation, you must be professional and the parameters must be complete. If there is a reference picture, it will be better. Don't omit the various clause, because most customers have a lot of customers to choose from, they have no patience to guess and ask you every question. It is advisable to investigate the customer’s situation through their website, visitor’s records, and other information before sending a quotation, and Check their market and main product. If the inquiry is not clear, you’d better ask for more details, or they will disappear. The real customers are willing to learn all parameters.

As for the ones who suddenly disappeared when they have a good communication with you, how to deal with it? The main reason may be that the customers are tired to talk with you. The Customer needs product A, but your factory doesn't produce this one and need to purchase from other company, no matter what's the customer saying, you still talk the other product they don't need. Some are that even the customer has told their demand, but the sales continue to ask it again and again. The others are the language problems, the customer can't understand their meaning. So we must check the email carefully before sending it. The customers are also busy and have no patience to talk to you. The communication skill needs to be practiced by yourself.

There must be reasons that the customers don't reply to you. We should check our own problems because the customer won't change for us. We can only change ourselves to improve our performance.