If I didn't know the cause and effect, I almost was moved by his insistence

Release time: 2018-07-13 09:31:22

The story is about payment fight between a sales and his customer. His customer is an Israelite. He had been dragging and not paying after receiving the goods. If I don't know the cause and effect, I almost was moved by his insistence.

If I didn't know the cause and effect, I almost was moved by his insistence

The customer had cooperated with the salesman 5 years and had placed orders of 2 to 4 cabinets every year. So this time when the goods arrived the port,the customer asked to telex release first and paid for it later, the sales trust him and agree with it. But this time he was too naive. After receiving the products, the customer began to look for various reasons to drag and say that the payment will be made later. But until now, the sales don’t receive the payment. No kidding, when I heart his professional and creative altitude to dragging, I nearly was moved by his words.

After that, it's a long road to recovery the money. The arrears are $15900. The salesman tried to state that he will inform the embassy, China’s Customs or pull him into the blacklist, etc. This method may play a role, the customer said he was willing to transfer $10000 to finish this matter. The sales agreed to it. However, he still didn't receive the money. He can only try to urge the customer again. The customer reply he was willing to pay $7500. What? Could this be bargained?

The sales considered for a while and plan to promise on the surface that he can exchange $7500 and after receiving the money and continue to ask to pay the rest money. But the customers are not fooled that he asked to write a guarantee letter. The negotiation reaches an impasse again.

In this case, if the salesman has bought credit insurance, he could find CITIC insurance and claim compensation. For Israel customer, he may receive 70% to 80% of the money. Even though,he will lose some money, but the customer will lose more. Once the customer is pulled into the blacklist, most of the Chinese suppliers won't cooperate with him again. Besides, if the salesman can't reach an agreement with the customer, he can try to give a lawyer's letter to show the attitude he will play an international lawsuit. Maybe the customer will pay the money. If the customer still doesn't pay, the salesman can try to expose this customer’s cheat progress on all kind of internet forums. Most of the customers value their reputation and will transfer the money.