Are you ready to fight against your customers like this?

Release time: 2018-07-26 09:52:15

As an international salesman, it’s very important to insist on communicate with customers. But sometimes you may fall into a deadlock to fight against the customers. Is there any better solution? Or are you ready to fight against your customers like this?

Are you ready to fight against your customers like this?

The salesman Jason met the customer at the exhibition and got an order of 40 high cabinets. One of the products is a new one and need to open a new mold. The customer asks only to produce 100pcs for each size and don’t pay the mold fee. But the factory doesn't accept it and if the customer doesn't want to pay the mold fee, he must place an order of MOQ 300pcs. Or he must pay the mold fee. The mold fee arranges from $3000 to $ 6000.

The factory and the customer can't make a compromise with each other, it makes a trouble for Jason. He tries to coordinate with the customer. He provides the Scheme 1 is to expand the order to MOQ 300pcs. But the Customer says no for it. He can't order that large amount. The scheme 2 is that is the quantity can be MOQ, he needs to pay the mold fee. The customer rejects again and doesn't think it is reasonable. The scheme 3 is to pay the mold fee first and when the order is accumulated to 300pcs to return the mold fee. Do you feel the scheme 3 is reasonable, however, the customer still deny it? He is not willing to pay the mold fee. If Jason can confirm this product, he will ensure the order of other products. If not, they won't cooperate with him.

If you are Jason, how should you do?

If I were him, I will provide plan 1 that we both compromise, ask the customer to increase the order to 150pcs, and pay half of the mold fee by each side. When the customer place next order, The fee will minus from the total amount. Plan 2 is that we pay the mold fee and agree the order is 100. But hope the customer to place the next order or more orders within one year. And he needs full prepayment for the order so that we can open the mold fee for him. The plan 3 is that this item is the same. but the customer needs to increase 20% percent of the order of other products.

We should look at this issue comprehensively. It doesn't matter for us if we can have a all-round cooperation with the customer. We can earn more with him for the long cooperation. It's just another kind of investigation. Even you can’t cooperate with them successfully, you can also have a new product to be sold.