If you find there is a problem with your product, will you be honest or hidden for it?

Release time: 2018-08-14 10:43:21

Almost every salesman encounter a trouble that when there is a problem of the order or products, should you inform the customer at the first? If your manager asks you to hide it, will you obey it or be honest to the customer that may cause you to lose the job. There is no absolute answer. Maybe the following will give you some enlightenment.

If you find there is a problem with your product, will you be honest or hidden for it?

We can't completely do what the leader asks to maintain their benefits and damage your reputation, it's more harm than good.

We should know it clear where the problem is. If it can be discovered easily by the customer, and if it's not being discovered, what's the most danger? For example, if the customer asks one of the packages is pointed to the color Pantone 375c. But we find that the color of our package has a color difference, it's Pantone 374c. As for this case, we needn’t inform the customer to explain it. It’s a little different and within the controllable range. The customer may not take care of it, but if you inform them, they may be anxious about it and ask you to package it again. However, if there is really a serious problem, such as the rated voltage of product the customer asked is 110V, but we do the one of 220V, we must inform the customer and can't hide them. Because this is a serious problem and may cause fires. If you didn't inform them, you may lose all of your customers and be punished for it.

Besides,for our own benefits, it‘s important to maintain the company’s benefit to get more bonus. However, it's better to gain customer trust and experience. If you want the customer to become your old customer, you should improve the products and yourself, meanwhile, don’t make trouble for the customers. For example, if the wash label is wrong, you found it, and ask the factory to reproduce it again. If it doesn’t influence the delivery time, you can solve it by yourself. A good salesman should let the customers praise when they mention you. Why they trust you, because you can help them, you do things with confidence and can make them trust you. If it is really the company's mistake, why do you take responsibility for it and damage your reputation?

The most difficult things may be that your leader let you hide the product problem. If you hide it, you may lose the customer. If not, you may lose the job. The key is that we should ensure the reproduce time, if the order can still be delivered on time, you can do it by yourself. To the opposite, you can inform the customer directly, and then tell your leader you are impetuous, no workaround for this matter, can't be as calm as your leader doing and need to learn more from him. Thus you can not only maintain your reputation but also keep balance with the company and the leader.

Keep honest is important, but it should be the right time. What we should do is to keep a benefit balance between our customer and company and show our value.