How to deal with the customers who inquiry again and again but don't place an order?

Release time: 2018-08-30 10:50:46

There are so many customers that will inquiry many a time. When you expect them to place an order, they will disappear. For this customers, we may feel we are cheated. For the inquiry, we have to quote. But there may be no order and disclose our price at the same time.

How to deal with the customers who inquiry again and again but don't place an order?

One of my customer inquiries every week. Sometimes he consults some products they asked, and sometimes make a enquiry about a new product. I followed him half a year and quote so many times that I couldn't remember the number, but I never received an order, even not any of a sample order. I really wanted to tell him ‘Don't always ask me the lowest price, tell me if you will buy today first .’ Nevertheless, it could only lose the customer and have no use. If we encounter this situation, what should we do?

We can pass the ones who cheat to get our price. It’s very easy to distinguish them by the time difference and the grammar. Some of them will hide it by sending an email. We can check its IP by source code and then check it on Google. If they use the business mailbox, we can use the domain to search on Google and check their official website.

After passing that inquiry, we need to analyze why the customers don't place an order.
Maybe they are traders and distributors, they don't place orders themselves. If they don't receive they won't place an order.
Maybe the customers are inspecting us.
Maybe the quotation isn't competitive.
Maybe they just compare our price with others.
Maybe they are influenced by the policy and market.
There are many reasons. We should analyze the customer's current procurement stage, check if we are clear about their demands and if we can meet them.

If you are an experienced salesman, if the customer inquiry again and again, we should do rational analysis according to our condition.
Are they our target customer? Are their demand matches our products?
How much value can we get to continue to follow them? Or it is just wasting the opportunity costs.
What can we get if we pay attention to other customers?
Our time is valuable. Not only the customer choose us, we also screen them. We may lose some orders for it. But we save a lot of time to get other orders. We can also try to ask the reason why they don't play an order, if they purchased from there previously, or if they cooperate with others. Thus we can judge if this customer is valuable to be paid attention to.

If you are a new salesman, each inquiry is a potential order, many times inquiries prove they trust you, or it proves you are valuable to them. For the old salesman, They may filter the inquiry. But for every new salesman, each inquiry is a chance. It's better than no inquiry. Don't need to think too much and answer each one carefully. Maybe you don't get the order but you will master product quotation, product knowledge, and learn the certification required for some operations in some foreign markets. They want to get your price, you can also ask the question to get experience.

Paying does not always pay off. It's impossible that we can get an order from every inquiry all the time. But it’s sure that there won't reward without paying.