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Note > The growth path from a foreign trade newcomer to the world 's top 500 enterprises procurement director

The growth path from a foreign trade newcomer to the world 's top 500 enterprises procurement director

Time:2017-08-24 10:21:35

he question how the experience is doing as a foreign trader makes me think of the time happened 10 years ago.At that time,I was just a foreign trade newcomer with a 600 basic salary and hadn't been the world's top 500 enterprises procurement director.
Many people think that we can make a lot of money by foreign trade.It is true but not exact.

According to the experience from all over the world, sales is indeed an important method to get rich quickly.Most of the industry need a long-term accumulation, then increase income through experience . These occupations are more and more valuable while the experience increase ,such as accounting, lawyers,etc . But sales is different,while the company entered the line and the boss supports,a good salesman with diligent, high talented understanding, can gain the same income in 2 years as other ‘s 10 years income.

There is a true story about joyce who is an ordinary person but with good luck.After graduation ,her first job is to be a small trading company salesman. The owner gad her 1500 basic salary, plus 20% of the profits . Of course, as a rookie, it is obvious that there were no old customers. The speed of developing customer is definitely not so fast,while we need to understand and adapt to the company and the product, it will last a stage. So at the beginning, the boss will give her a few customers to follow up,let her understand and be familiar with the work as soon as possible and at the same time develop new customers.

For foreign traders,There is no commission or rarely commission when you just do documentary, because the customer is belong the boss or the company.Only if you develop your own customers ,you can get commission.
From Joyce entry the company in September, she not only do documentary with two United States customers who belong to the boss , but also develop her own customers. Until the lunar new year, she calculated she will have more than 10000 pieces of commission. At that time,especially for the newly graduated students, ¥10000 has been able to make a lot of College Students satisfied .But unexpectedly, when the boss settlement commission, he talk to Joyce that doing documentary also had commission and plus your own development, joyce will gain more than¥130,000.

Because of this windfall, Joyce do as a foreign trade salesmen till today. Is it a personal ability or luck? Perhaps both of them, but it is undeniable that doing foreign trade business well needs luck.Starting point level may also determine your future.because the starting point is good,Joyce get ¥100,000 within 6 months and more than ¥300,000 in the second year. she will always do in this industry, because the opportunity is good, she is interested in,and for a variety of reasons.
So if you ask me, how the experience is doing as a foreign trader. I want to tell you the opportunity is always there.sometimes,it is impossible that good luck comes to you.

For the majority people , we don’t have such luck, how should we do? In fact, it is also a way that we can show our own value to win everythingby ourselves .
above all , what’s the value? Where is the target? the followings are several key points: the followings are several key points:
let customers love you.
make our boss appreciated.
we can let the factory with you.
let colleagues envy you.
let peer imitate you.

It is easy to say these things, in fact, involving all aspects of the things,it can be understood as a whole building of construction and thinking,which means the core competence of a salesman. You can understand that you must have a particularly strong ability .

Some people are especially good at communicating with customers, they can make customers be willing to order,so as to push the suppliers cooperate well. Some people are skilled in dealing with the problems between the boss and purchasing irons, gaining support at price, delivery time and payment terms .they can solve all problem even though quotation, proofing, shipment.Some people are ordinary in English and dealing ability, but they expert in echnology,.they can provide special professional service and conquer the customer. The others are friendly and adept at making friends,customers trust they and are willing to do business with them.
As far as I'm concerned, all roads lead to Rome,.No matter trading or manufacturer you are,should you pinpoint your location and target to the development of appropriate guest .

The pareto principle is always there,people doing well are always minority , most people are running with. If you want to become a minority, let your self out of the ordinary .

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