For the same client, why this salesman can get an order, but you can't

Release time: 2018-11-19 13:11:22

It may be lucky for this salesman, but why couldn't it be lucky for you? So I think lucky is just an excuse, the real reason is no ability. However, it's impossible to improve the ability in one day. What should we do? I will show several ways that are easy to be done.

For the same client, why this salesman can get an order, but you can't

Learn the buyer' purchasing habit
Do the right thing at the right time. Most of the clients follow the exhibition to purchase. In the first half of the year, there are a lot of exhibitions from March to May, the buyers will look for new suppliers and products. And then they will compare the different commodities and place an order in May. Generally, they will finish the package in July. In the second half of the year, they will try to find the new products from September to November, compare and place orders in December, and finish packaging in January. The orders are usually placed on the first half of the year. The number is less than the first half of the year for the clients to find suppliers. We should also learn more about all the producing process of our products so that we can prepare previously. It's necessary to study our own industry, for example, some seasonal products, we should recommend different products as the different season. When to say something, when to recommend, and when to follow them are all need the right judgment.

Consider everything, leave room for things
A lot of newcomers can only do the things to pass words and can’t deal with the things according to the actual conditions. For example, talking about the delivery time, the factory it will take 20 days, you should give 25 days to avoid the emergency.

From the passive sales to active sales
Passive sales: It’s normal that most of the salesmen are passive sales. The ordinary salesmen generally want to do something actively, but when they receive the inquiry, they always reply what the customer asking, a little bit better one is to find the product as the customers' requirement. The customer follow-up is limited to urge the order, ’how is the order’. If the customers ask the price, they will quote. If the customer bargain, they will ask their boss. Most of the time, they are guided by the customers.

Active sales: before developing customers, position your company first. Be sure which kind of customers suit you and be active to develop the customers. Before contacting the customers, they have prepared well what to say and considered every process of the negotiation.

For a salesman, we should try our best to analyze the clients' position, characteristics, habits, hobbies, communication habits, and thinking characteristics. All of the products, customers, and each country’s policy should be known clearly. From a little performance of the customer, we can learn the problem and guide them to deal with it. When we can do the above things and acquire the professional, we will also be lucky to get orders.