Nine tricks let your development letter not be intercepted by the anti-spam system

Release time: 2018-12-06 11:51:31

When we have worked hard to find 5,000 even 20,000 customers and send them development letters, however, there is no any reply or just inform you the system bounce. Why is it?

It‘s not the customers don't like your products, but they don't receive them and the letters were blocked by the anti-spam system. So if we want to solve this problem, we should learn the mechanism of the anti-spam system and know which kind of email will be judged as spam. According to the rules of the International Email Association, the following will be judged as spam:

The transmission frequency is too fast and the content repeatability is too high for a period of time without the permission of the recipient. The other party is not subscribed but the sender sends the attachment. The message contains the high frequency words of SPAM.

From sending to being received, a letter must experience the following routines: Part A's mail client, Part A’s Email server, Part B's mail server, and Part B's mail client. If Part A use the company’s mail, it will be the company's server. Or it will be the public server. The Part B's server will rank every IP and mail server. Only the one pass the checking can be sent to Part B's mail client. For it, we should pay attention to the following 9 tricks:

We'd better use the company's mail
I suggest we use the company's mail because the public sever has been used by too many accounts and they may send a lot of spam email that is bad for the ranking of the server. So the best mail account for sending email is company's mail.

The transmission frequency to the same mail server shouldn't be too high.
Every computer connecting to the internet has a unique IP and this IP will influence the email arrival rate. The mail servicer such as Hotmail will be limited the email comes from the same IP in a short time. Thus when you send email to others, pay attention to the recipient and add different kinds of mail servicer, for example, mixing up the Hotmail and Google email account.

Avoid all types of the mail accounts are the same one
A lot of the companies are sharing the internet access, there is only an internet IP for the whole company. If there are 20 salesmen and every salesman send 100 emails everyday, it will be 2,000 emails calculated to the same IP. If most of the recipients use Hotmail, your company emaill account will be in the blacklist.

Don't use the template that are used by too many people
Some classic templates really have their advantage, but when they have been used by too many people, don’t use it again. Thousands of the classic templates have been judged as spam by the mail servicer.

Often change the subject and content of the email
It is also to avoid the content of the mail sent in a short time is too similar. We should prepare some templates belongs ourselves. In an email, try not to repeat the same keyword.

Don't add the attachment, pictures, website address and contact
For the customers, we are strangers and our email are unfamiliar emails to be judged. Only when he add us in the whitelist and reply you, can we add the attachments. Don't add the attachment in the first email. We’d better not add the pictures and links. If we have to add pictures, be sure the pictures is less 500Kb and adjust well its inch. The Links can only be some international links, such as google, twitter, etc. Your official link or the Alibaba links is usually judged unsafely. As for the contact, the email is already on kind of contact information, the other contact don't need to appear in the development letter.

Don't use prohibited words
Based on the statistics of godaddy, the high frequency SPAM words related to sales usually are the following ones: ‘Free, Discount, Oppotunity, Win,Winner, Cheap, Deal, Debt, Income, Insurance, Loan, Money, Mortgage, Price,Rate, Profit, Save, Merchant, Stock, Act Now, All New, Call Now, Subscribe Now, Million, Dollars, Opportunity, Compare, Check, Cash, Bonus, Credit, Loans, Buy, Direct, Get Paid, Order Now, Specializing, Specialized, Offer, Please Read, Don't Delete, Special Promotion, Satisfaction Guaranteed, You've Been Selected’. You may doubt that you receive the reply even if you use the prohibited words. It dues to the spam keywords list of each server, but we’d better not use these words or we can replace it by another words.

The content should be simple
The customers mainly want to know your products and selling points, and don't care about your company history. I usually quote a sentence related to our industry or our daily life at first, then talk about my understanding of the industry and the customers to attract their attention, continuely talk our product and advantages, and tell him to contact us if they are interested on our product in the end. Don't type the things don't related to our products or that the customers are not interested in.

Test it by yourself
Having written the development letters, use your company email to send one to your personal email and check if it is judged as the spam.

If we find there is no reply about any development or all of them are bounced, we have to analyze the content of email an check if there are some things against the rules. Or no matter how many emails we send is useless.