Entering the company at the same time, but he became a manager a year later

Release time: 2019-01-02 10:58:18

Joy and Mary entered the company at the same time, they went to work and get off the office simultaneously and they enjoyed the same source. But Joy was busied a month later and got orders continuously. However, Mary didn't get any order within 3 months. The performance gap is growing. One year later, Joy became a manager, Mary still was an ordinary salesman. Mary also wanted to do well as Joy did, the problem was that she didn't how she could do. Now I will show how to find the destination.

Entering the company at the same time, but he became a manager a year later

The key to do the foreign trade well is continuously developing new customers, following up potential customers, maintaining old customers. The salesman, like joy, know the following process: get inquiry -quotation -following up-negotiation -making a deal -maintaining.

Attending prohibits, publishing products on the platform, optimizing the site ranking, SNS, or building a website is one step to get inquiries. Making the quotation list, calculating the cost, and summarizing some of the negotiation words are to prepare for the quotation step. Following up customers regularly, classifying the follow-up customers and preparing the follow-up topic is to follow up the customers well. Calculating the negotiation words, making negotiation schedules, and Confirming the bottom line of negotiation are to win in the negotiation. Producing contract, calculating the words of calling deposit, and creating a trading system is to make a deal. Producing a document, following up the order, after sales feedback, and recommending a new product is to maintain the customers. All work should be done around the process. If not, it proves there are problems with your work.

According to each step, you can analyze which is your shortboard in the whole process. Because improving the goal from 60 to 80 is easier than from 90 to 100, so we should improve our short board first. For example, if we receive a few inquiries every day, we should try to get more inquiries in advance. If we have a platform, we should study its rules, principle of ranking and exposure, improving the click rate and conversion rate. If we don't have any platform, we can use internet marketing, SNS, optimizing the site ranking, active search and sending development letters, etc to deal with it. If the customers disappeared once you quote, it means there are problems about the quotation and follow-up. If the customers often give feedback and don't disappear, but feel the price is expensive and need to consider it again, it means you have to improve your negotiation skills. If you make an agreement and delivery the PI, but the customer doesn't pay the deposit and ask you sending your company's pictures and even your boss’ ID card, this shows you don't create the trading system well. In the end, if you finally get an order, but they don't return order again, you should do more to maintain the customers.

After knowing your shortboard, improve it as soon as possible. Suggest you build a sheet to judge the influence of each factor and your performance, and create a system to optimize each skill continuously.