The customer disappeared after promising to place an order, what can we do?

Release time: 2019-02-13 09:50:09

The salesman Jackson said he had a customer that made a deal with them and sent them samples twice. He promised to place an order of a cabinet so they made a module for him. However, he didn't reply his message anymore, how could he follow up on this customer?

The customer disappeared after promising to place an order, what can we do?

Why the customer promised to place an order but disappeared at that time? The reason might be that:
The customer didn't get orders from his customers
He made a boast since he didn't have the decision right and it needed the company to decide it
The project was stopped and choose to another one
The performance of the market was not good enough, the stock had not been digested yet
Currency depreciation, they would lose money when they bought back

Many salesmen use the customers promised of placing orders as a excuse to urge them making it. In fact, the customer also didn't feel well. They didn't have the capacity to receive the orders and it's a losing face thing for them. Most of us like to show ourselves, if we don't do things well, we didn't want to face others at that time. Especially for some old customers, they visited your factory and promised to place an order when you ate together, but they were only the purchaser who were responsible for collecting information and it still needs to have a meeting and decide it by the boss. So if you always urge them with this excuse, they will be bored with you.

What are the right ways?
If you have reminded him once or twice, but they are always perfunctory, suggest you forget the promise and turn to ask him something about the market, how is the recent business? Talk about the current affairs hotspot with them? Ask them if the trade war influenced their business and if the recent depreciation of multinational currencies has an impact on business. Ask the feedback and the idea about the past order, such as, ‘Do you have any suggestions or advice about our product or any feedback from your customers?’ If there is still no reply, you can ask them about a new order and ignore the old one. for example: ‘Now I am writing for keeping in touch with you for further Business. If any new inquiry, welcome here and I will try my best to satisfy you well with competitive prices as per your request.’ If there continues no response, put it away.

Don't be too utilitarian to make the customers feel hard to communicate with you. We should understand each other and don't only talk the business, but also talk something about the daily life, culture, and some interesting things, such as the customers like fishing, you can talk some fishing skills, some fishing gear or the fish species. The process of follow-up should be natural, not to urge the customer. If everything is OK and they don't place orders to others, we only need to keep generally communicating.