How to identify the spam enquiry?

Release time: 2019-03-01 15:04:31

With the Internet development, there appears a lot of hackers who specifically cheat the newly foreign traders. Their cheat method is ever-changing. The following cases show the ones I encountered.

How to identify the spam enquiry?

Case 1: ask you to download the archive
First, the cheater sent a message to me, ‘ Hello,am Anne, I want to make inquiry and would love to buy this *** machine on our display, please kindly contact me on my mail *** address immediately, with your best price, MOQ, and product for I am ready to buy in large quantity. Thank you as I await your quick reply. ’ After I sent the quotation to him, I got this reply, ‘ Thanks for your response to my inquiry on Alibaba. We have contacted you a while ago about a big order for this machine with your company. Well, I have a new design which our company would like to order. Kindly check the attached designs and send me a quotation with detailed prices so we can confirm the order. Thanks again for your effort. I think we’re close to ending this phase and confirm an order. ‘ And there is an archive in the email. This is an obvious spam inquiry that asks your download the archive. The newly traders may be hurry to get orders and open this archive which has the Computer Virus to steal your email account and password.

Case 2: let you check which kind of product they need
After replying the inquiry, got this message:
Thanks for your reply but from your website I see your prices are a little too high for your market, I need your best price 1. Are you a factory or a trading company?

2. Can you provide according to our catalog?
Click To View Our Catalogue
All products marked with yellow are what we need.
If you can produce, send me the sample charges including shipment to:
Address: 56-594 Avenue, Beverly Hills, California 90210.
But when you click the link, it asks you to log in your email account and passwords and Steal your account and cheat you and your customers.

Case 3: pretend to give you PO
Received the email said, ‘ Please find attached PO# 4307967 for the new requirement for 2018 as shown on the attachment and drawing. Please confirm us 2018 prizes earliest and terms of the payment. ‘ The same way that asks you to open the attachment and steal your password.
Then I will show how to analyze and avoid being cheated.

If we want to gain inquiry, the first step we need to do is to improve the exposure rate, so that our products can be viewed by our customers. The key procedure is to set up the keywords. After having the exposure rate and click, we will get inquiries. There are 2 kinds of inquiries: valid inquiry and invalid inquiry. The following shows 4 methods to judge it:

Check if there is no customer details or contact information. The regular customers will write this information clearly, especially some big customers. If there is no contact information, we can neglect it. If there is MSN or Skype, we need to analyze it carefully because Some small customers will also use it.

Analyze the email content. If email content is specific for the products and have contact information, we can primarily judge the inquiry is valid and they are our potential customers. Next, we need to check if the phone and email are consistent with the website’s and check if there are terminology to confirm if they are professional and have the purchase intention.

Compare if the products specifications the customers needed in the email is consistent with yours. Look for if the customers have other inquiry except for the price. Access the customers' website to check if their products are identical with yours. Through the above factors to judge if they are the true customers.

Ensure if you receive the inquiry for the first time. The customer couldn't have the patience to send you several times, only the cheaters have because they batch send email easily.