Appointment customers should be a matter of course

Release time: 2019-03-20 13:13:48

The sales Lucy said: ‘ My boss asks me to find some Germany companies, make appointments and concentrated visit them to find business opportunities.’ However, no matter how many times she called the Germany importers or retailers she found on the internet, there is no reply. She didn’t know how to finish the task.

Appointment customers should be a matter of course

Appointment customers is a good thing for business. Most of the mistakes created in email can be dealt with by face-to-face communication. Contacting the customers by face-to-face communication is necessary. But we can’t just be to make an appointment with the customers and neglect the purpose.

For every meeting, we should have a purpose and theme. For example, we haven’t seen a friend for a long time and just came to his city, and make an appointment to have dinner with him, this is also the purpose. For doing business, there must be a purpose and theme to meet the suppliers. So we should know the following 3 questions:
Why do you meet with them?
What would you talk to them?
Is it necessary to meet each other?

Only showing the 3 questions well, the customers would consider whether to talk with you face-to-face to solve some problems, dealt with some things, enhance personal friendship, etc. Or it is meaningless to meet with the strangers.

The customers also have a lot of things to do. In the private time, they also want to stay with their family and don’t have time to hold meaningless call. If you give a cold call and say what products you are doing and your boss wants to meet him, how will he feel? Why does he meet your boss? For these reasons, 99% of the calls was denied.

Unless you are their potential suppliers and you have communicated with them previously to negotiate and talk about the product price and details, or even ensure the sample, and they list you like the candidates, or when you call them and say your boss wants to visit them to talk about the sample, price or any other problems, they will hang up the call and think it is meaningless for them.

So I suggest neglecting to call the potential customers one-by-one directly,paying attention to develop customers and try to contact them from product, price, negotiation, and then screening out the interested customers. Let the samples and instructions as a start to get opportunities, the appointment will be natural.

Even only communicating by several emails previously, it will be a higher probability than strange calls to make appointments. Following the procedure, everything will be natural. We should have purpose and destination, but obey the procedure at the same time.