How To Create Industry Analysis Reports And Add Tags

Release time: 2019-07-03 18:03:50
How to search directly
1. Select the trading country from "Customs Data" channel to enter into the customized "Customs Data And Industry Analysis Reports" page.
2. Click "+Search Data Or Create Reports" button;  In the pop-up, input content through data type, date, product description, HS code, buyer or supplier, trade area, ports and mode of transport, quantity, price, etc.
3.  Click the "Save" button.

How to create industry reports
The necessary condition for creating reports is that trading date range cannot exceed 1 year and HS code or product description cannot be blank.

How to create industry tags
There are 2 ways to create industry tags
1. When search content, click the " Save And Search" button after filling out keywords. On the new pop-up, fill out the tag name.
2. In the created tag section, click "Edit" directly to delete or revise it, then click "Finish".

How to Edit created tag
In the created tag section, click "Edit" to delete or revise it, then click "Finish".