Description Of Indonesia Data

Release time: 2019-12-10 09:46:40

Description Of Indonesia Data


During 52WMB‘s annual Data Festival,The Indonesia data will be published online on Dec 10, 2019.


Overview of Indonesia data


Indonesia is one of the important east-south Asian countries, which is the transportation hub in Asia and Oceania, Pacific and Indian Ocean. For Indonesia, china is the forth largest export market that only less than Japan, USA, and Singapore and the second largest import country that less than Singapore. In recent years, bilateral trade between China and Indonesia has grown rapidly, and the total value of import-export trade has shown a clear upward trend.


Indonesia Customs Data of 52WMB is direct customs data obtained from the local customs. The import-export data is large and complete.There provides online query.


Description of Indonesia data

The added Indonesia data is its Jan to Jun data, 2019, which contains every shipping transaction records. It contains import and export data, 12 millions original B/Ls, 149,150 buyers, 127,063 suppliers. The data will be continuously updated every month. According to the update frequency of Indonesia, this data usually delay 1 or 2 months.


Let us know Indonesian data details from the following information.


First, import data


date, import serial number


HS code(8-digit), product description


buyer (name, address)


suppliername, address, country, brand


CIF(USD, currency), Quantity(unit), net weight, package(quantity,unit), currency, Freight(currency, insurance(currency, income tax、VAT、Income tax, Luxury tax


Origin country, POD, POL, transhipment port, District, Type of shipping


Export data


date, export serial number


HS code(8-digit), product description


Supplier (name, address)


Buyer (name, address, country)


Freight(currency), insurance(currency), Quantity(unit), Net weight of subitemnet weight(kg), packaging(unit, qty), currency, subitem FOB value(currency, USD), FOB total(curency, USD)


Destination country,POD, POL, clearance area, port, port area,

Carrier, Country of carrier, Trade terms, Number of containers, Voyage number


Data description

  1. On each transaction record, it contains the local 8-digit HS code.
  2. B/Ls data is the same with customs clearance date.
  3. It contains details product description which is typed in English.
  4. Both import and export data contain buyers and suppliers,and, address, with high quality.
  5. Transaction price: import data provides CIF value, export data provides FOB values.
  6. Indonesia data is different from other counties data, it does not contains price, but also provides details customs tariff information, such as freight, insurance, import tax, etc.
  7. There shows details port information, that contains POD, POL, transhipment port and customs district information.


Popular science knowledge:

Customs district: It is separated by a customs isolation facility in a port yard or in the rear land area. It is used to store imported or exported goods. The goods entering and leaving this area must be approved by the customs and statistically uploaded. That is the short name of customs supervision.