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How to improve the conversion rate of inquiry

Time:2017-08-28 10:48:02

We often like to reply some particular inquiries which we can quote directly. Many salesmen desire the customers to give all details and amount of the products. Of course , it will be better if there is a sample.However, there is no responding after quoting. How to improve the conversion rate of inquiry? I recommend a solution which called mail group.

The followings are the whole process of mail group:

First, we search all the information of customers on Google, check what role the customer we connecting played in their company and know if they are our potential customers.

Second,if there are our potential customers,we should analysis the product they purchased or had inquiries before and then make a well-directed scheme . If they aren't,it's a good news which means we will have more chances and can make a broad scheme.

Third,we should use mail group well,such as you should thanks your guests’ inquiries in the your first email and tell them these products are recently best-sellers in America. In addition,the price will float from *** to ***according to the difference about the packaging and amount of products.If you are interested in them,we can provide free samples.
Fourth,in the second email, you can recommend several kinds products which are suit for the local market and with good quality.One of them must have a extremely cutting price,and the others are the ordinary price.

Fifth,in the third email,you can introduce your company briefly. There is no doubt that it will be better if there is a good presentation.

Sixth,in the fourth email,you can talk the characteristics of your company and products,show what you can cooperate with your customers and emphasis the stability of your products quality and delivery.If your guest is an American and America is your major market,you can talk the customers your market share in America, If your turnover occupy 40% of the America market ,you can talk some thing about the date.

Seventh,in the fifth email, if there is a factory inspection report,you can send it to the customer, it's a good way to prove your strength.If there isn't ,you can also tell the customer, you have customers factory audit, but no report.

Eighth,in the sixth mail,you can send some other style pictures of your products.For example,your company has 30 different items,you recommend one of the main push in first email,show several ones suit for local market in second email and choose some of the others detail pictures to send to customers.At the end,you can emphasis that if customers interested in them,you can offer recap.

Ninth,you can display different product packaging solutions to customers,such as color box packaging,display box packaging and mail box packaging.You should give pictures to them in order to prove your are professional.

Tenth,you should continue to send email.At this time,you can ask customers needs appropriately,inquire if there are some special products and knows if they are interested in the products sold in another American city. Then ,you are willing to develop and supply special product for them. After the ten steps,you should call and have a quick chat with your customers so that they can read your emails.Beside,you should check whether you forgot some details or not,and then to send email to remedy.

In a word ,mail group isn't as easy as it appears,it tests your patience and execution.If you can do as the process,you will debate most of you competitions.

Edit:2017-08-28 10:48:02