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Note > The mail planning to let the recovery rate increase by 200%

The mail planning to let the recovery rate increase by 200%

Time:2017-09-01 17:12:00

Sometimes,there is rare reply after sending out sales development letter or new product introduction to customers. In my opinion,it is a lack of understanding about customers' business, an unattractive tittle, or not a suitable time to send email.when you send an email, you play as not only planning staff and designer but also salesman. So you must plan how to attract more people or design how to achieve the sales result you want before sending messages.

What should we do? The followings are the keys to finish it.

First , the amount of people seeing tittle is 5 times more than people watching content.
The reading and staying time is up to 5 seconds,of which the two seconds are the most focused.If you want customers to read your email, you must pay more attention on the email tittle planning.

Seconds, the number “100” is more touching than the font “one hundred “,because it's closer to actual.
The number “100” will intuitively let people know it. Arabic numerals mean faster than font without borders. In use, number means directly to brain, so it will be more attractive and easier to understand when Arabic numerals are used in tittles.

Third,the tittle with 8-12 words is easier to be remembered.
Why should we let our customers remember our tittles? Because it's our purpose to send email.For the purposes,we should let our customers remember where we come from and what product we are selling. When customers remember and recognize you, your email will not be treated as junk mail and be more acceptable.

Fourth,Email which is colorful is more attractive than the single color one.
The biggest attraction is the difference rather than mail style.A formal style is required in regular email.But you can add color and change font in a formal email to attract customers ‘ eyes. Imagine if 1 or 2 yellow balls are put into a pair of black balls, where you will pay attention to. This is the effect of color.

Fifth, mails with pictures are 20% attractive more than the one without.
Pictures are powerful than word. It says that a picture is worth a thousand articles. If your tittle can attractive customers to read your email, using pictures to show your point will make your product introduction easy to understand. But you have to remember that there can't be too many picture and you should pay attention to your key point.Besides, the picture and text should be designed and arranged neatly in order to make customers have a comfortable reading experience.

Every salesman will send email every day,especially for new ones. If you want to maximize your labor achievement, you should pay more attention to it.

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