Maschinenfabrik Rieter Ag

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Address klosterstrasse 20winterthur zh 8406 switzerland
Company's trade data has been updated to 2018-01-12
    B/Ls Quantity 23360
    Trading Partner 122

Trading Partner

Through maschinenfabrik rieter ag's Bill of Lading, collecting trading partners of the company. The business value of trading partners is to lead you to direct competitors and potential target customers. Sorting function by trading transactions and date that offered will be easy to get regular customers and new partners of maschinenfabrik rieter ag, which benefits your maintenance of the company or customer development. Click 'Trading Partner', you can consult the details between maschinenfabrik rieter ag & Trading Partner (incluing Product Name, Weight, Price, Trade Date).

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Company Name Nation Transaction Proportion Detail
Tipoiti Satic Argentina 385
Rieter Corp. United States 327
Cong Ty Tnhh Soi Long Thai Tu Vietnam 210
Algodonera Del Valle S.a. Argentina 98
S J Jersey Ecuatoriano C.a. Ecuador 68

Port Statistics

Through maschinenfabrik rieter ag's Bill of Lading. Statistics of ports of entry determines global market-share of the company. Click Ports of Entry, you can consult all cargo information of maschinenfabrik rieter ag at ports (incluing Product Name, Weight, Price, Quantity, Trade Date).

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Port Name Nation Transaction Proportion Detail
zurichGermany 536
frankfurt mainGermany 132
antwerpenGermany 103
rotterdamGermany 17
otherGermany 14

B/Ls Data

With a selection of 23360 transactions of maschinenfabrik rieter ag, filtering B/L according to HS Code, Origin, Product Description, Trade Date. Click 'B/L', consult each B/L details (incluing Buyer, Supplier, HS Code, Details, Weight, Total Price, Unit Price, Trade Date).

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Trade Date Origin Product Description Quantity B/Ls
2018/01/12 Germany machinery spare parts 204.67 UNITS >
2018/01/10 Germany machinery spare parts 102.33 UNITS >
2018/01/08 Germany parts 171.0 UNITS >
2018/01/03 Germany parts 42.0 UNITS >
2018/01/01 Germany spare parts 17.0 UNITS >
2017/12/31 Germany spare parts 17.0 UNITS >
2017/12/30 Germany capacitance probes pressure smoking fiber for the tractor fiber: part ... 11.0 PIECES >
2017/12/30 Germany van electronic- 3/2 way solenoid valves massachusetts avenue nw4 dc24v... 2.0 PIECES >
2017/12/30 Germany puli pull the strands of metal 250 printed as accessory tractor fiber ... 120.0 PIECES >
2017/12/30 Germany the rotor temperature closet electrical cooling fan dc24v 510m3/h 172m... 6.0 PIECES >
2017/12/30 Germany by monitoring the current dc24v 1, 6a cz is accessory tractor fiber te... 2.0 PIECES >
2017/12/30 Germany the belt the rubber- transport belt pair n=79. the new one hundred per... 2.0 PIECES >
2017/12/29 Germany accessory tractor fiber textile: or screws 8m of iron- sock... 44.0 PIECES >
2017/12/29 Germany accessory tractor fiber textile: phên out bowed strings of iron- cross... 4.0 PIECES >
2017/12/29 Germany accessory tractor fiber textile: wire crab roa rubber- belt isoran 840... 3.0 PIECES >

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