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    Juan Carlos Philco Acha

    Bolivia|44 Freight Transport in Total

    Trade data has been updated to 2014/06/11
    Related Transactions 74.-bolsas piedras decorativas pyrography
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    Eyemage Photo Art

    India|161 Freight Transport in Total

    Trade data has been updated to 2018/12/20
    Related Transactions (re-imp exhib goods) performer pyrography-artist-mark rathin araj-ams/nov/17/006 (sb no:9416902 dt:21.10.17) size:8x4
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    Biue Ocean Inc.

    United States|122 Freight Transport in Total

    Trade data has been updated to 2019/07/07
    Related Transactions traction rope basket shopping cart traction rope basket shopping cart seat remote control socket bullet target water pump nunchakus cooling pipe pet bowls pipeline dredger watering pot showerknife holder storage box side tv cabinet camera kits dvr kits intelligent plug cable power adapter charger led light mirror cat drinking grinder noodle machine cutting machine homogenizer pyrography machine dryerdehumidification coffee machine filling machine pet drinking fountains light pyrography machine vest presser foot plastic holder filling machine furnace pneumatic baler slicer shoulder bag roaster air compressor sleeping bag dehumidificationbladder chair cover meat grinder download cable valve lathe clamp mouse trap hair drain business card cutter sealing plier tube refrigerated cup skateboard square mouse pads clear folders round mouse padsskateboard storage box bedside table
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    Amicikart Online Services Pvt Ltd.

    India|207 Freight Transport in Total

    Trade data has been updated to 2019/04/25
    Related Transactions pyrography kit with 60w solder iron
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    Dhahran Gift Center

    Pakistan|156 Freight Transport in Total

    Trade data has been updated to 2019/06/04
    Related Transactions lady bag, garments decoration fashion accessories: pyrography paper (cy/cy) (fcl)
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    Good Partner Inc.

    United States|76 Freight Transport in Total

    Trade data has been updated to 2019/07/02
    Related Transactions pet supplies pet supplies the rack plastic manual accessories the carton air compressor electric inflator pump nonslip matnotebook ceramic cup camera reversingsystem lunch box pet bowl candlestick pet bowlfitness equipment arm coffee table storage box storage bag storage rack shelf remote control spider women dress plastic toys headsetgame handle pet bag cover oil cap garbage shovel hot wax inch deep dish punching device salad bowlpads light mat air purifier turbine vibrators label stamping machine watch holder lathe tool roasterpower supply oil injector line backpack hammock business card cutter holder hair drainfilling machine screw slider tent pyrography machine activated carbon filter laser engraving machine laser packaging bag labelcable tie transformer sealing machine tape
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    Dtn International Ltd.

    United States|230 Freight Transport in Total

    Trade data has been updated to 2019/06/30
    Related Transactions pyrography machine hs code8451300000 atomizer hs code8543709990 centrifuge hs code8421192000
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    Supra Enterprises

    Canada|244 Freight Transport in Total

    Trade data has been updated to 2018/10/29
    Related Transactions clutch motor full automatic air-powered pyrography machine sewing machine parts
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    V Tech Communications

    India|717 Freight Transport in Total

    Trade data has been updated to 2019/05/04
    Related Transactions soldering iron with pyrography tips
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    Winmax International Group Inc.

    United States|2743 Freight Transport in Total

    Trade data has been updated to 2019/06/27
    Related Transactions pyrography machine
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    N S Trader

    Pakistan|1068 Freight Transport in Total

    Buy Agriculture & By-product Agents,Bicycle Parts,General Mechanical Components, so on
    Trade data has been updated to 2019/06/17
    Related Transactions garments fashion accessories decoration pellets garments fashion accessories strass garments fashion accessoires pyrography paper (fcl/fcl) (fcl)
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    A J Enterpriser

    Pakistan|2297 Freight Transport in Total

    Trade data has been updated to 2019/06/20
    Related Transactions garments accessories, decoration pellets garments accessories, hot-fix motifs garments accessories pyrography paper gardment accessories (fcl/fcl) (fcl)
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    Пп Севент Україна Волинська Обл Смт Торчин Пров Парковий Буд 8 Кв 2

    Ukraine|16 Freight Transport in Total

    Trade data has been updated to 2018/12/01
    Related Transactions набори для творчості для дітей 277 set for decorating candles with colours набір для декорування свічок 1шт в набір входить прилад для декорування 1шт підставка для приладу 1шт насадка конус 2 шт свічки 2 шт різнокольорові воскові крейди 7 шт серветки для декупажу 15 шт викрутка для зміни насадок 1шт пензлик для малювання 1шт 280 multi unit electronic station апарат для випалювання з насадками 3шт в набір входить багатофункціональна станція 1шт випалювач 24в 20вт 1шт насадки 14 шт підставка для випалювача 1шт 260 woodburning pen with 9 tips прилад для випалювання по дереву 9 насадок 15шт в набір входить випалювач 1шт підставка 1шт конусоподібний наконечник 6 шт наконечник штамп 3 шт 261 pyrography set with 20 tips прилад для випалювання по дереву 20 насадок 10шт в набір входить випалювач 1шт підставка 1шт конусоподібний наконечник 9 шт наконечник штамп 9 шт жало для випалювача 1 шт насадка нож 1 шт 290 professional pyrography station adjustable професійний апарат для випалювання 1шт в набір входить професійна станція 1шт аппарат для випалювання 1шт дуга штамп 3 шт підставка для випалювача 1шт 250 stone setting iron набір для декорування страз 5шт в набір входить аплікатор 1 шт підставка 1шт насадки з поглибленням діаметром 2 3 4 5 6 7 мм для круглих страз та кристалів swarovski ss6 ss10 ss12 ss16 ss20 ss36 10шт плоскі насадки діаметром 5 і 9 мм для ка
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    Woodland Intern Transport

    United States|3726 Freight Transport in Total

    Trade data has been updated to 2019/05/13
    Related Transactions 6 box on 1 pallet slac perfumery products haz class 3, unno 1266 pg ii, f/p 13 deg c 32 box on 2 pallets slac perfumery products, non haz 214 case water clarifiers for aquariums (loose cartons) 376 pkg on 1 pallet slac hydraulic accessories 4 drum x 200ltr drums slac adhesives haz class 3, unno 1133 pg iii, f/p 18 deg c 5 crt ball bearing slewing rings 3 box solenoids 34 pce filters 206 ctn cartons on 4 pallets slac printed books titled digital wildlife photography 2008 2522cps designs for pyrography and other crafts 21ocps making 1/12 scale wicker furniture 168 cps carving the human figure- studies wood stone 96cps couture knits by jean moss 500cps woodcarving 216cps cross stitch designs from india 22ocps the authentic tudor stuart dolls house 2640ps celtic knotwork hb528cpe; victorian dolls 416cp5 miniature embroldery a foundation course 252cps 3 box scientific equipment non haz
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    Publiship Logistics Inc.

    United States|2458 Freight Transport in Total

    Trade data has been updated to 2019/06/10
    Related Transactions scac code:pshp hb/l hk63843nyc 332 ctns printed books hs code:49019900 ( 9 plts ) the shipment containing wood packaging materials have treated and marked in compliance with ispm 15 (under shipper's liability responsibility) hb/l hk63844nyc 601 ctns printed books -97 ctns (3 plts) title: complete pyrography pb -392 ctns (9 plts) title: knit a bear - pb -112 ctns (3 plts) title: animal hats of knit pb ttl: 15 plts green pallet - contains no wood packing materials (under shipper's liability responsibility) hb/l hk63845nyc 30 ctns printed books hs code: 4901 9900 title: making heirloom boxes (making heirloom boxes - 9781861081766) pono: pub0035724 ( 1 plt ) shipment contains no regulated wood packaging materials (plywood pallet) (under shipper's liability responsibility) hb/l hk63846nyc 33 ctns printed books h.s code:490199 (1 plt) this shipment contains heat treated wooden pallets which are complied the standard of ispm15 (under shipper's liability responsibility) hb/l hk63886nyc 172 ctns printed books hs code:4901 9900 title: ny13965 book bound silver foil journal: universe 5281 reprint (large sticker - universe 5281) pono: 062314-5281/83409 title: ny13965 book bound silver foil journal: universe 5281 reprint (the universe 5281) pono: 062314-5281/83409 (5 plts) shipment contains regulated wood packaging materials with ipp logo marked (under shipper's liability responsibility) hb/l hk63887nyc 220 ctns printed books h.s code:4901.9900 93 (7 plts) green pallet hb/l hkg175822nyc 100 ctns watch box hs code: 442090 this shipment contains no solid wood packing material (under shipper's liability responsibility) hb/l hk63957nyc 125 ctns printed books hs code:4901 99 0000 title: the potter's book of glaze receipes isbn: 978-0-8122-3771-9 (uk edn) (2 plts) swooden pallet (ippc logo) (under shipper's liability responsibility) s/c:14-5204
  • Rating

    Panda Logistics Usa Inc.

    United States|15882 Freight Transport in Total

    Trade data has been updated to 2019/04/26
    Related Transactions shipper's load, count and seal. 1x40'hrd 759 packages of consolidated goods - details as per attached list - freight prepaid - attached list - 130 cartons 2860.0000 kgs 7.6700 m3 3380 pieces of rubberwood bun leg invoice no: 2313/09 scac: glca hbl no: pkgatl901947 105 cartons 1034.2500 kgs 1.0550 m3 12ct chunk-o crayons in p/box h.s. code: 9609 90 200 scac: glca hbl no: pkgbos901446 25 cartons 520.0000 kgs 1.2000 m3 (packed in 1 pallet) printed matters printed book entitled introduction to pyrography isbn number:978-1-903975-37-4 (1000 cps) scac: glca hbl no: pkgchi901941 25 cartons 318.0000 kgs 3.1430 m3 (packed in 2 pallets)(3,000 pcs) speakers model name: tw2137b14 c-0906-001 (1920 pcs) c-0905-002 (1080 pcs) h.s.code:8518.29 000 scac: glca hbl no: pkgdet901800 134 cartons 2214.7500 kgs 10.1640 m3 food stuff 30 ctns of wheatgrass powder (66 sachets/box 25 ctns of wheatgrass honey (15 sachets/box) 10 ctns of ins fiber 50 ctns of bio coffee (16 sachets/box) 15 ctns of bio soy milk (16 sachets/pouches) 4 ctns of sky wheat wheatgrass plus (200 tables) scac: glca hbl no: pkglax902016 15 boxes 195.0000 kgs 1.4100 m3 (packed in 1 pallet) 10 boxes of standard black roloc disc, 5 boxes of standard black fixed spindle wheel and 10 boxes of standard black cup whe scac: glca hbl no: pkglax902035 15 boxes 160.0000 kgs 1.1700 m3 (packed in 1 pallet) standard black cup wheel scac: glca hbl no: pkglax902036 12 ctns 266.0000 kgs 2.3520 m3 4 sets of sofa set scac: glca hbl no: pkglax902195 100 cartons 810.0000 kgs 3.0000 m3 pneumatic rubber pad airtech ii flex pad scac: glca hbl no: pkgmin902625 198 carton(s) 2480.3000 kgs 14.2500 m3 3568 pcs of girls 68% cotton 32% nylon knitted pullover (56 ctns) style no.:9008/703 6548 pcs of girls 80% cotton 18% nylon 2% spandex knitted cardigan (142 ctns) style no.:9008/704 h.s.code:6110.20.000 scac: glca hbl no: pkgnyc902134 -

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