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Great Export Import's business of Customs Data offers real 6,240,498 overseas buyers, 4,793,295 worldwide suppliers, Billions B/Ls. So far, there are 14 countries' Customs Data at Great Export Import. Bill of Lading has been updated to 1/30/2017, also, a certain country's last updated date of B/L at Official Answer. You can search for buyers & suppliers of US, UK, Pakistan, India, South Korea, and other Asian & European countries through Product Keyword, Company name, 8-digit HS Code. Creating selling lists, customizing solutions of account maintianance, exporting new markets will be helpful by Bill of Lading. Here we provide a great feature to help you get a better use of data like Exporting the Contacts, Searching for Reference Email, Company Label Management, Advanced Searching. You can know which data service we provide and price by membership service. If any questions please ask the hotline, our support staff will give one-to-one service for you.

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