Email Hunting Tool

Search company contact information through the company name and website, and collect the company's key person's emails, positions and social homepages.

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Find the key person's email and social account within 30 seconds.

The development efficiency will be improved by more than 10 times.

Cost-effective email hunting tool, the best choice.

An email hunting tool selected for diamond members, only $149/year. They say this...

  • Mr Liu(Manager)

    B2B business is also suitable for social media marketing. We are more focused on customer search, because the customers found are relatively accurate, and can be contacted. Our email response rate can reach 5% , and does not include key customers locked by email tracking.

  • Miss Ouyang (Manager)

    We are a hardcore user at Alibaba International. Since 2015, we have begun to attach importance to the expansion of foreign trade channels. The combination of Emal hunting and customs data is a good way to solve the matching of potential target customers and contact methods, and quickly promote business development.

  • Miss Zhang(Sales)

    We are an entrepreneurial trading company with a small volume. Through this tool, find some small buyers close to the terminal. These customers are with better price, the competition is not intense, and the amount is not big but suitable for us. We have accumulated many customers in three years.

FAQ about Email Hunting Tool

We have sorted out the issues that users are concerned about to help you learn more...

  • Does it need to use VPN to collect email?

    Searching information doesn't need it, this tool will help you search on Facebook and Twitter, and then extract the introduction information.
  • Is there any difference from the public information on google?

    Public information can be searched on google, but it is always a useless email about info or sales. We can get more contact information by API, database.
  • When we have customs data, why do we choose an email hunting tool?

    If the company will leave the official telephone and email address on shipment data and we can directly obtain it. But for the customers who don't leave contact information or apply for privacy protection, this tool can help us get more customer contact information. Through Google, Facebook, Linkedin, and other social media, deep dig out the target customer's contact information which usually contains company website, employee positions, etc.
  • Is there a position about the collected email?

    The collected information includes the name, position, email address, and social account. We recommend that you further verify the position through social media.
  • Is there a number limit about the collection?

    No search limit.
  • Could the result be downloaded?

    The collected information can be exported into excel format.

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