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Email Hunting Tool Operation Demo

Collect the mailboxes or social media accounts on Google, Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter through product keywords, company name, and official website. Automatically collect the corporate account and official website. Acquire the business personnel' position and social media accounts. The following video shows how to dig the business personnel' position and mailbox.

  • Multi-platform authorization

    Social media platform,such as Facebook, Linkedin, Youtube, etc, authority and certify the Developer identity, which is no safety hazards

  • Independent research and development

    Email hunting tool since 2013, is security and stable, convenient and fast, and meeting customers' request and continuously updated.

  • Strong Service

    The third party service provider, such as Alibaba International Station, 1688, Taobao, highly recognized the products.

The core functions and user operation manual

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  • All-around hunting

    All-around hunting
    Hunt the customer source from the search engines, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter. Support keywords, company name, and email search.

  • Precise positioning

    Precise positioning
    Based on user account definitions and daily behavior analysis, hunt potential buyer resources that better match the company's market goals.

  • Data deep mining

    Data deep mining
    Hunt the company's general email, employee email, and matched social accounts, and Ensure 100% of the customers can be contactable.

Email Hunting Tool Service Provider

Profile of Shanghai Tonpal technology co. ltd.

Shanghai Tonpal technology co. ltd. was founded in 2012, is the third party service provider of Alibaba international station, 1688 and Taobao. The company has obtained the title of dual-soft certification and high-tech enterprise. In 2016, it has completed the listing of the New Third Board with stock code 836858.

The email hunting tool is a foreign trade marketing management tool which is created and operated by the Shanghai Tonpal technology co. ltd. The email hunting tool aims to help foreign trade companies to promote their market to the 2 billion social media users and find more business opportunities. The email hunting tool provides a series of intuitive, efficient and practical functions based on the social media events and content operations, user behavior analysis and accurate customer mining, email tracking and KA screening.

The email hunting tool has serviced more than 2000 foreign trade companies.

Email Hunting Tool Service Provider
  • 70+ Technical team
  • 30+ Operators
  • 2300+ Customers
  • 2000+ Social media