Email Hunting Tool

30 Seconds! Find The Key Person's Email And Social Homepage...
Through company name and website, search on mainstream search engine and social media to in-depth collect key persons' email, position and social media
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Email Hunting Tool
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A carefully selected and cost-effective email and social account hunting tool
Mr Liu
Mr Liu
used 2 years
Mr Liu( Manager)
Through products, companies or official websites,automatically search the related information from Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Automatically collect key person's position, social accounts and emails.
Miss Ouyang
Miss Ouyang
Used 3 years
Miss Ouyang(Manager)
Since 2015, we have begun to attach importance to the expansion of foreign trade channels. The combination of Emal hunting and customs data is a good way to solve the matching of potential target customers and contact methods.
Miss Zhang
Miss Zhang
Used 1 year
Miss Zhang(Sales)
We are an entrepreneurial trading company with a small volume. Through this tool, find some small buyers close to the terminal. These customers are at a better price, the competition is not intense, and the amount is not big but suitable for us.
Regional Manager
used 1 years
Howard(Regional Manager)
I am SOHO,this tool doesn't need to be installed separately, the web version is really convenient. One-click to collect target companies' email through 52wmb and batch download the contact information. Combined using with EDM tool will be more efficient.
Mr Wang
Mr Wang
Sales Consultant
Used 2 years
Mr Wang(Sales Consultant)
We also use the Ali platform, but the consultation became less. We bought this tool as a supplement and take 30 mins every day to actively develop customer after answering the inquiries, which effect is surprisingly good.

Why this Email Hunting tool is brilliant

It can not only collect the key persons' email, but also find their social media account.
4 Collecting Channels, Covers 90% Network Traffic

4 Collecting Channels, Covers 90% Network Traffic

Search by company name, the system will automatically recommend you with websites and company social homepages and marked channel sources.
Recognized as the world's largest search engine
The world's largest social platform with 2 billion users.
Covers more than 600 million members worldwide
With 152 million monthly active users.

Platform Authorization, One-click Depth Collection!

This tool has also entered the Alibaba International Station, the 1688 market, and the Ali foreign trade service market.
Official Authorization
Authorized payment channels and certified developer identities, 100% mails can be contacted and activated.
One-click Collection
Through company、website, automatically collect key persons' positions, social accounts and emails.
Platform Authorization, One-click Depth Collection!

Company Homepages And Employee Social Accounts

this tool will help you collect social accounts from Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter,etc; Depth collect by company homepages, find out employee social accounts.
Master Real-time Dynamics
Add Friends To Communicate
Target Customer Management
Company Homepages And Employee Social Accounts
Depth Collected Complete Contact Information

Depth Collected Complete Contact Information

Depth collected employee's complete contact information, including their name, positions, and social accounts. All data is from officially authorized channels and 100% of them are true.
Collect employee's name or nickname...
ceo、owner、director、buyer、VP and so on...
contains private mailbox on the social account

Feature Highlights And Introduction

helps improve customer development efficiency more than 10 times
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