Import Customs Data And Analysis Report

Provide 30 countries' original import data and the corresponding

  • Analysis the
    market trend

  • ports statistical

  • Purchasing area

  • Trading company

  • Volume price
    statistical analysis

Trade Countries Of Customs Data

A market analysis report basing on import & export data

The customs data module provides 30 countries' original import-export data for users to search. For the field difference of the details of each country's customs clearance and declaration, the dimensions of the query are also different. You can learn the checking dimensions through 'Overview of the core fields of customs data'. The main checking methods are to search by supplier and buyer name, product description, and HS code. What we should pay attention to is that there are 4 languages in the data source, which are English, Spanish (South American Country), Vietnamese, Russian. Suggest you search by HS code or the corresponding language, thus the result will be more matching. The US data is updated every week and its latest import data has been updated to 9/4/2018. The other countries' data is updated twice a month. You can check the data update schedule through 'trade countries' update schedule.

Searching by product description or HS code, the import-export analysis report will be created automatically. Report module:product's import-export trend analysis chart( check from the dimensions of the transaction number, quantity, weight, total amount, etc), global procurement area, the buyers and suppliers ranking, the import and export ports ranking, quantity-price trend analysis chart. All the analysis modules in above are based on the customs clearance and declaration search result by product or HS code.