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Taizhou XXXX Co., Ltd. was established in 2013, who is mainly exporting spray nozzles and cans, currently focusing on the Japanese and European markets. It cooperated with 52WMB 5 years from the end of 2017, and is a loyal user of 52WMB.

"In the beginning 2-3 years when the company started, because of the small size of the enterprise, we didn’t have salesmen with strong business ability, and were all novices, and I also did not have a lot of experience in global trade, which led to the company's performance has not been going up, and the idea of giving up even appeared". This is what Mr. Su said when we met. Under such difficult circumstances, Mr Su still chose to accept the challenge.

At the most difficult moment, in addition to exhibition, Mr. Su's team also began to try to use 52WMB to find customers and understand the overseas procurement trends. The success was not lost on him, and in 2018, Mr Su and his team sold their products to more than 20 countries around the world through 52WMB, and many of them were very small customers at the beginning, but after long-term accumulation and follow-up, these customers have now become its main business partners. That year they took in over RMB 1 million.

In 2020, Mr Su and his team were still largely out of business, and even a small number of orders coming in, but the logistics were not guaranteed and it was still difficult to make a profit. It was as if Mr Su had gone back to the days when he first started his business. In this situation, he and his team were looking for something new to do at that time. Later on, Mr Su learned through the market analysis that the demand for disinfectant spray bottles had increased exponentially in the past few months. After researching her peers and several markets, he became more confident in making the product.

After finding the breakthrough, Mr. Su immediately communicated with dozens of suppliers to determine the quality and capacity of the product. Then through the customs data of 52WMB to find customers and then send development letters and phone calls. Due to the sudden outbreak of the epidemic, the demand of related products on the market exceeded the supply, and customers were in a hurry for these products, which also led to a higher price. Relying on this product enabled Mr Su to make more than 800,000 RMB in the third quarter. The company's turnover increased by 80% compared to last year.

Talking about why it works so well, Mr Su shared his insights: "In fact, it's the same in many industries, different people using the same product may not have the same effect. Our application of data is not just to look at it, but to understand and dig very deeply." Indeed, at present, data products are already very popular marketing tools for global trade enterprises, but those who use data effectively will let the data produce the greatest value.

Xiamen XXX color printing is mainly do paper products, global trade business accounted for 80% of the company's share, now its export countries are the United States, India, Australia, Europe, etc..

As long as you have tried it yourself, you will understand the difficulty of doing foreign trade. From the initial hard work of exhibitions but fruitlessly, visit customers but rejected, to the perfect interpretation of the "eight out of ten" to visit customers abroad can get a deal, what makes them have such an efficient rate? From the large Indian market to focus on the development of high-end markets in Europe and Australia, what makes this enterprise to make such a big adjustment?

Manager Feng introduced, "The company made such an adjustment dues to 52WMB's big data analysis, which allowed us to discover a broader overseas market." Manager Feng also used the traditional customer development method at the earliest with B2B platforms and exhibitions as the main focus, and had also been fighting a price war with his peers and was exhausted. Later on, colleagues in his team recommended the use of 52WMB. After a period of learning, the big data analysis and application is also becoming more and more proficient.

After careful analysis of the data and research on the market, they learned that the current market is relatively saturated and there is room for development in high-end markets in Europe and Australia, so the company finally made the decision to switch to Europe.

During the interview, Mr Feng also shared his own experience when talking about the skills of using data. He said, "We usually collect target customers through exhibitions, and then research customers with 52WMB’s data. The reason why nine out of ten of our visits abroad are successful is that before each visit, we will do a comprehensive information collection about the target customers on 52WMB, including their purchasing ability, purchasing habits and the domestic suppliers, and then customized one-to-one visits. This is what makes our order intake so high. "The keen market sense, accurate sense of direction, focused research and thinking enabled XXX Colour Printing Macau to grow against the odds and perform well in an increasingly competitive market.

When it comes to the evaluation of the services of 52WMB, I am deeply gratified by manager Feng's answer. He said: "I recommended 52WMB to a lot of my friends, because through the usual communication with the account manager, live communication, we can feel that 52WMB provides practical service for users. This is also the reason why I am recommending it to my customers and friends".

Manager Feng's success is no accident. The real application of data is to learn how to check data, analyse data, discover market opportunities, and use data in conjunction with a variety of marketing methods, rather than using data as a means of finding contacts, which would only waste the real value of data.

Taizhou XXX Lighting Co., Ltd. is an exporter doing LED lights, Which main export market is the United States. The company cooperated with 52WMB 2 years from mid-2019.

In 2016, Li Ziyan joined in the global trade industry from plastic toy. From a newcomer to a manager, she touched a lot about the hardship of the process: "Customer development is a very complex work, from finding customers, communication, send samples, determine a variety of details, and finally smooth shipping, all links need to work actively during this period. Take the initiative to collect customer information, analyse the market favoured by customers; analyse the purchasing habits of customers, etc., and then you can communicate with customers effectively. Only perseverance in contacting customers, attract customers long-term favor through product technology, price and service advantages." In talking about foreign trade in which the sour, manager Li can be said to have deep experience.

Manager Li said: “At the beginning of the developing customers, I used a B2B platform, which cost almost RMB 50,000 annually, not including other promotion fees. High prices, but no effect. Because we are passive. Each time, we are waiting for customers to inquire, but sometimes no inquiry in a week. At that time, I had the intention of giving up the foreign trade industry. In an occasional meeting, my friend recommended 52WMB, and said developing customers independently is a trend, don’t wait for inquiries anymore, and its cost is only one-tenth of the B2B platform. This was a huge temptation for me at that time, and I decided to try it. After a brief study, I smoothly get the first order in the first month, and in that year I gained more than 40 customers through 52WMB."

When it comes to development skills, Manager Li did not mince words in sharing her insights: "When use customs data to develop a customer, never to send a development letter directly. We have to do a simple research on the customer, to understand what our competitors have, what are the advantages of the product, what is the unit price, and what services are available. After understanding these, we can then send customized development letters, thus the success rate of developing customers will be higher."

When asked how the young manager Li was able to lead the company's business so well in just three or four years, manager Li said: “No matter how the foreign trade situation changes, you have to find your own enterprise's core competitiveness, while finding the most suitable market segments, sales channels.The real application of data is to learn how to check data, analyse data, discover market opportunities, and use data in conjunction with a variety of marketing methods.

Mr. Xu is an entrepreneur with only 2 years of experience in foreign trade SOHO. He mainly exports disposable tableware, currently focusing on the United States and Japan market. In May 2020,he became 52WMB’s customers. So far, he has developed to 4 customers and negotiated orders of 2 million.

In the interview, I asked Mr. Xu, "What is the most worrying thing about foreign trade SOHO?" Mr. Xu said: "The customer, because there is no platform source and the funds are relatively limited, so some exhibitions and paid promotions are less done as much as possible. At the beginning, we have tried every possible way to find a customer." Mr. Xu's problems also exist in many foreign trade SOHO and small enterprises.

Because our customer base is single, Actively looking for customers has become the choice of most foreign trade SOHOs and small businesses. Mr Xu said: " We have also used trade data from other providers before, but there is no effect, so we doubt the value of the data. But after contacting 52WMB, we gradually learned how to use the data most effectively. I think the reason why 52WMB has a very good effect is because the supporting tools and teaching related to 52WMB data are doing particularly well."

When it comes to industry changes, Mr. Xu said: “Compared to the foreign trade market ten years ago, now it is more competitive. Losing customers, shifting orders, turning the blue ocean market into red ocean market, and foreign trade is becoming more and more difficult to do.”

Talking about the process of getting a big overseas customer, Mr Xu shared his experience without reservation: "When I first started doing SOHO, I was without the support of my previous company. I didn't have any big clients, so I just relied on my experience in the first two months. I tried many ways to find clients, such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Yellow Pages, etc., but no success. Later on, I planed to try customs data, and by coincidence, I used 52WMB, and after a simple study I started to dig up customers, search for their contact information, send emails to potential customers, and then ...... found this big customer in the United States."

"This company is also one of the largest retailer in the United States, so we are excited and well prepared." about this business experience, Mr. Xu is still very excited, after a period of communication with each other, the customer smoothly placed an order.

In the competitive red ocean market, data will definitely provide more value to millions of foreign trade enterprises, and 52WMB will also make continuous efforts to help users find customers more accurately and effectively, bringing users a truly practical data platform.

Shanghai XXX Rubber Co., Ltd. was founded in 2013 and is an innovative import export enterprise integrating production and sales. Their main markets include Europe, America, Southeast Asia, the Middle East and other regions. The company adopts a self-production and self-sales model, and has gained a good reputation for its professional ability and service attitude in exporting goods to all over the world.

At the beginning of the company, Mr. Xin attaches great importance to marketing channels and marketing methods, because of their importance to customer development. Therefore, after founding the company, Mr. Xin's team tried many customer development channels, such as B2B platforms, social media, Google, paid promotions, etc. Although developing some customers, the input and output did not meet expectations. Later, we contact 52WMB and felt that 52WMB's data products were effective, so we started to cooperate. Although the cooperation was rather fortuitous, the good customer development effect and attentive after-sales service have made the two sides cooperate with each other until now.

Referring to the cooperation effect since five years, Mr. Xin said, "More than 50% of our customers are developed from the platform of 52WMB. Such results come from both the massive amount of quality data and accurate positioning analysis of 52WMB, as well as from the development methods we have drawn from years of experience in using this products.”

When talking about the functions of 52WMB, Mr. Xin was even unstinting in his praise. He said:”52WMB set a relatively perfect product tags. Once the tags are built, you can find matching global data based on the content of the tags, and can also search based on the names of suppliers and buyers. Through the customs data matched by the tags, we have obtained a lot of accurate information, and this function has helped us save a lot of time."

Going abroad to exhibit have long been a necessary annual itinerary for most foreign trade enterprises, but the elaborate preparation of exhibits and high travel costs can not guarantee the results will always be as desired, which has been a headache for many foreign trade enterprises. But Mr. Xin said they are quietly the opposite, he said, "Before participating the exhibition, we will use the trade country analysis to understand the market situation of that country in advance, check the buyer ranking, and find suitable customer resources according to the trade characteristics, and set them as target customers. After using 52WMB's email hunting tool to find the customer's contact information, we will take the initiative to send them an invitation to the exhibition and use our free time before and after the exhibition to visit them." By completing sufficient background research in advance and proactively inviting high-match target customers to the exhibition, Shanghai XXX Moulding Co., Ltd. has achieved a high level of cooperation between the online platform + offline exhibition, successfully transforming a high-cost overseas exhibition into a highly efficient meeting with potential customers and maximising the benefits of each exhibition.

The success of Mr. Xin is the result of his in-depth research, mining of data, and his persistent analysis of data, which also gives high reference value to similar enterprises.

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