Intelligent development tools

Automatically develop customers, free up manpower, and be more efficient and closer to transactions.

After setting the target customer portrait, the system automatically collects matched buyers and obtains their contact information (email, social media account) of key persons; Then the system automatically sends emails according to the included 'event-based SOP' plan, easily reach a large number of potential customers repeatedly without missing any sales opportunity.

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Intelligent development tools

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System Video DemoDemo of the process from verifying the company's quantity to initiating automatic customer development.

AI empowersFree manpower to focus on efficient customer conversion!!

AI decision maker

Collect empoloyee valid email addresses, phone numbers, positions, and social information of the target company; intelligently deeply explore buyer decision-maker info.

AI writes emails

Access ChatGPT to assist in writing and verifying development letters. Thousands of people and thousands of emails can effectively increase the arrival rate and open rate of emails.

AI automatic development

The system automatically collects 100 target buyers'contact info every day and sends the first development email to the decision-makers of these companies.

AI automated marketing

Each KP email joins the SOP email marketing system, and customized emails are automatically sent every three days, with multiple contacts and repeated operations.

Accurate and efficientJust 4 steps to help you automatically develop global buyers

Based on 8 major purchaser databases, target companies are automatically collected, and AI deeply explores the emails of decision-makers.

Based on 8 major purchaser databases, target companies are automatically collected, and AI deeply explores the emails of decision-makers.

Covering all mainstream data source channels around the world, you can search without blind spots. Based on various information queries and business background data, screen out high-quality buyers who can be focused on development, and explore the basic information, employees, decision-maker's email address, phone number and social media account of the potential customer.

  • • Contains data from 338 regions of Google, 380 search engines such as Yahoo and Bing.
  • • Including data from Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and other global mainstream social platforms.
  • • A complete database of 320,000 pieces of Canton Fair data, 95 million pieces of business data, global brand data, and B2B e-commerce data.
  • • Covers more than 200 countries/regions around the world, 2 billion+ pieces of customs data, updated monthly.
Special feature

Develop 100 buyers and send about 1000 emails to key persons every day, fully automatic and unattended.

The system will automatically match 100 buyers and their key persons' email addresses, positions, and social accounts every day that based on your customized needs; the system will automatically send emails to the decision-makers of these 100 companies every day, and enter event-type emails SOP, this process is automatically executed every day, and the entire process is unattended.

  • • AI develops 100 buyers every day, which is equivalent to one person's workload of 25 working days.
  • • Free up manpower and fully release the time and energy of salesmen, who only need to focus on inquiries and orders.
  • • Development data is automatically summarized and generated every day and sent to the designated email address the next day.
Special feature
Develop 100 buyers and send about 1000 emails to key persons every day, fully automatic and unattended.
Automatic SOP marketing can reach a large number of potential customers multiple times over a long period of time, and the email response rate can be increased by 30%...

Automatic SOP marketing can reach a large number of potential customers multiple times over a long period of time, and the email response rate can be increased by 30%...

The SOP email marketing process has been added to the automatic development system. The decision-makers of each target company will receive 4 development emails and be contacted repeatedly during the two and a half month development cycle; the email response and the inquiry rate can be greatly improved. Placing orders will become easy.

  • • AI writes emails and polishes them, creating high-quality emails quickly and writing better!
  • • AI intelligently generates multiple versions of emails, randomly sending them to recipients to avoid monotonous content, and increasing the delivery rate by 50%.
  • • Automatically detect sensitive words and spam words, reasonably avoid anti-spam rules, and improve email delivery rate.
Special feature

Customer development results and profiles are clear at a glance; screen and accumulate customers for repeated operations.

The overall market data and detailed data are updated in real time, and data such as delivery, open, click, reply, failure, unsubscription are clear and intuitive;Summarize the marketing conversion status of multi-tasks and the behavioral characteristics of high-quality customers.

Supporting operation and maintenance tools...
Buyer 360° Background Check
SOP operation
EDM bulk sending
Email tracking
Export buyer directory

client feedbackReal users, real feedback


I have been using Maisui to acquire customers for 8 months and have received a lot of clicks from customers. The function of automatic email development is really easy to use. It not only saves a lot of Google search time, but also acquires customers more quickly. The amount of customer info obtained every day has more than doubled than before. Share the experience summary of email content. The attached URL is a means of blind product introduction, and the pictures are indeed a more intuitive promotional technique. Product features and advantages are the core for capturing customers’ points of interest. Of course, effective development is more important to pay attention to customer dynamics in a timely manner.

Daisy Wen

Our product is PCBA. I added the customer's LinkedIn through automatic development on April 21, and subsequently learned that the customer will have a water controller project that requires PCBA. I added the customer's Whatsapp on the afternoon of 6/23, and he sent the PCBGerber file and BOM to our company for a quotation.


Electroplated products also received a reply, but it was a threatening email. The person replied with the sentence 'Can I ask you a question?' I replied, 'Excuse me, I will reply to your question as soon as possible. He replied like this Why are youspamming? Please unsubscribe!


After automatic development, two responses were received, one from Argentina and one from Peru.


Product advantagesReal users, real feedback

Customer acquisition cost is cheaper

About traditional marketing customer acquisition, user search and analysis all consume a lot of labor; AI customer acquisition efficiency is more than 60 times that of manual labor.

Acquire customers efficiently and accurately

Automatically collect target company employee emails, positions, and social media info, and quickly find corporate decision-makers through company names, keywords, and domain names.

Technical support & after-sales service

The core technical team has worked hard to build it, and its technical strength is guaranteed! One-to-one online guidance provides users with professional and humanized services.

360° background check for foreign buyers

The buyer's real contact info, trade transaction records, social media updates and other background info are accurately presented to you, and the employee list is displayed, and batch export is supported.

Global data mining

Powerful data mining and integration functions, one-click access to global search engine data, social data, customs data, B2B platform data, exhibition data, business, etc...

AI automatic development unattended

Whether it is buyer search and matching, employees and decision-makers collecting, or automatic development and repeated marketing, it is all unattended, freeing up manpower to focus on inquiries and orders.

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  • About 15,000 decision-maker emails+

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