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New contents and functions

1: Company search

1-1 Add company category lists.Search and filter companies of various dimensions, name and save labels of search condition for rapid filtering and entry; There are two methods for company category list: official recommendation and user-defined.

1-2: Optimize the company's search results. The company's search results include "Accurate match" company, (accurate match company: precisely match search terms with the company's transaction records in recent 2 years, and provide the transaction volume and proportion of the related product). The "accurate match" company ranks higher.

1-3:Add new company marks, except for the mark "include contact", "accurate match" and "multiple collected" are added. It can help you better screen the target companies through the company list.

1-4:Add user-defined filtering functions for the number of transactions, trade areas and import and export ports in advanced filtering.

2: Company trade report

2-1:Add a label "main products" and related trade analysis report. The labels of main products are intelligently matched and marked by the official through big data.

2-2:Add the custom creation function of "main products", and create the trade report of related products through HS code and product keyword combination.

2-3: Add "HS Code" summary and statistics module, and related transaction details.

2-4: Add quick preview of industry report module, and the entrance of complete industry analysis report.

2-5: Transaction details of each module, add a transaction trend chart; Transaction details have added time filtering, product and HS code search functions.

2-6: Add directory export function and set the number of display items for HS codes, trade areas and ports.

2-7: Add " lost" and "new" marks for partners, port, trade area and HS code.

3: Industry analysis report

3-1: Add an industry analysis report of "HS Codes".

3-2: Add data export function of trade areas, HS codes, and import-export ports.

3-3: Add the quantity, list and ranking of "buyer" and "supplier" analysis. The company list can be exported.

3-4: Add quickly save new "search results" as a tag.

4: Mine(Migrate Data Center to Mine)

4-1: “followed companies" is changed to "collect companies", add collection company classifications to facilitate management.

4-2: "Contact info export" is upgrading to "Company export", and companies without contact info can also be exported.

4-3: Upgrade "Label management", Besides, can not only edit the label, but also quickly enter the report page from the backstage.

4-4: Move personal settings to mine

4-5: Add new member addition and permission management functions.

5: Class

5-1: Add a series of courses of "customs data development".

5-2: Add "Product operation manual"

Membership authority

1: General users

1-1: The numnber of company's overviews that can be viewed every day is adjusted from 2 to 3.

2: VIP

2-1: Open the search function of B/Ls

2-2: Open the search function of trade details

2-3: Add the permission to view the report of main products displayed.

3: Blue diamond member

3-1: Blue diamond is no longer available, which will not affect the use of blue diamond users.

3-2: Open the search function of trade details

3-3: Add the permission to view the report of main products displayed.

3-4: Add " member management" and Permission management(1+2)

4: Yellow diamond member

4-1: All new functions and contents can be used normally

4-2: Add " member management" and Permission management(1+4)

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