How to create an industry label for customs data

2020-03-31|263 views|Operation manual

Users can add industry tags according to their data needs, manage potential customers by category, and more comprehensively and accurately find target customers with high matching.

When searching for data or creating industry reports, users can generate industry tags by filling required search conditions, saving and searching the corresponding condition attributes. When users repeatedly check the data, there is no need to fill in the data again. Just click on the industry tag to check the data.

 Due to the large amount of data, many types of products, inconsistent field contents, and industry labels can manage the different condition attributes of data reports by category. For example: ledlight US exports, ledlight India imports, ledlight 5w, etc. The customs data field content and language of different countries are different, so we add and use labels according to countries and data types.

 If the user has not checked the label related data for a long time, if there is data update, we will also push the updated data of the corresponding label in the form of email. Or remind the user to view the data in the data management center to help users keep abreast of data updates in the target industry.

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