What are the differences and descriptions of company data in first-tier and second-tier companies?

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The data of companies in first-tier countries are directly obtained from customs officials, and the data are complete and updated quickly. The data of the companies in the second-tier countries is the data exported or imported to the companies in the first-tier countries, and the data has default. 

Data of first-tier trading countries:
At present, the foreign trade state network provides data for buyers in 31 front-tier countries, namely: the United States, India, Pakistan, the United Kingdom, South Korea, Colombia, Mexico, Taiwan, the Philippines, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Peru. The date of these country data updates can be found in our data update form. The so-called first-tier country data refers to the first-hand original customs data directly obtained from the customs by the foreign trade state network. The import and export data of these countries' data are large and complete, and updated in a timely manner.

Data of second-tier trading countries:
Purchasing countries reversely sorted from the first type of data. For example, the United States in the first type not only has buyer data but also supplier data. When a company in the United States exports Goods to China as an exporter, then the Chinese company that imports the goods becomes a buyer. The amount of this data is gradually increasing. For example, there are nearly 20,000 buyers in Brazil and nearly 30,000 buyers in China, and this part of the data will increase with the update of data from first-tier countries. This batch of data can also be used as market research and foreign trade customer development.

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