Import and export declaration form filling requirements

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The declaration form for import and export goods is to report to the customs about the import and export goods situation, and to apply for the necessary legal documents for the customs to review and release the goods. It has a very important legal effect in foreign economic and trade activities. The consignor and consignor / agent of inbound and outbound goods must fill in and submit the declaration form for import or export goods to the customs when they declare to the customs. So what are the requirements for completing the declaration form?

1. The declaration form must be filled in true, and two matches must be made:
One is that the documents are consistent, that is, the customs declaration is consistent with the contract, approval, invoice, packing list, etc.; the second is that the single goods are consistent, that is, the content reported in the declaration is consistent with the actual import and export goods. In particular, the name, specifications, quantity, price, etc. of the goods must be true.

2. Goods with different contracts can not be filled in the same customs declaration form; goods with different trading methods in the same batch of goods must also be declared to the customs with different customs declaration forms.

3. If there are many different commodities on one customs declaration form, they should be filled out separately, but generally, a customs declaration form cannot exceed five goods with customs statistics and commodity numbers.

4. The items filled in the declaration form must be accurate and complete. The columns listed in the declaration form must be filled in one by one in detail, and the content is correct; it is required to type and fill in the report as much as possible.

5. In order to implement the automation of customs declaration, in addition to filling in the relevant items on the declaration form, the reporting unit should also fill in the codes of the relevant items.

6. The declaration form of import and export goods pre-recorded by computer must be exactly the same as the original declaration form. The customs declaration officer should check carefully to prevent mistakes in recording. Once any discrepancies are found, the entry staff should be promptly asked to re-enter.

7. For the export goods after the customs accepts the declaration and releases it, due to the loading of the transportation means, etc., If all or part of the goods fail to be loaded onto the declared means of transport, the consignor of the export goods shall submit to the customs anApplication for Change in the Declaration form of Export Goods.

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