Common container types and codes

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Containers are divided into different types according to the characteristics of structural design, transportation mode and cargo variety. In addition, in order to facilitate the identification and management of different types of containers in circulation and use, the container labels have been compiled, including country and region codes, size and type codes, and so on.

Let's take a look at eight common container types and codes. (Taking 40 feet as an example)

1. Dry cargo box: box code GP; 95 yards 42G1, mainly for the shipment of miscellaneous goods, usually used to ship cultural goods, daily necessities, medicine, textiles, handicrafts, chemical products, hardware and electrical equipment, electronic equipment, instruments and machine parts, etc.
2. Dry goods high box: box code GH (HC / HQ); 95 yards 45G1.
3. Hanging suitcase: box code HT; 95 yards 42V1; a container suitable for shipment of clothing commodities. With the development of international trade, the structure of commodities is constantly changing, and various types of special or multi-purpose containers also appear in shipping.
4. Open top box: box code OT; 95 yards 42U1, this kind of container has no box top, you can use a crane to load and unload the goods from above, cover the top with waterproof cloth during shipment, the watertight requirements are the same as dry cargo box, suitable for loading objects with high volume, such as glass plates.
5. Freezer: box code RF; 95 code 42R1, divided into external and internal two. The temperature can be adjusted between -28 ° C and + 26 ° C. The built-in container can freely start the cooler during transportation to keep the container at the specified temperature, while the external type must rely on the container special vehicle, ship and special yard. The refrigerator equipped on the station is used for cooling. This box is suitable for transporting butter, chocolate, frozen fish, condensed milk, margarine and other items in the summer.

6. Cold high box: box code RH; 95 yards 45R1.
7. Tank Container: box code TK; 95 yards 42T1, also known as liquid container, is a special container manufactured for the transportation of food, medicine, chemicals, and other liquid goods. Its structure is to fix a liquid tank in a metal frame.
8. Frame box: Box code FR; 95 yards 42P1, without box top and sides, its characteristic is loading and unloading from the side of the container. Taking overweight cargo as the main object of transportation, it is also convenient for loading livestock, and naked cargo such as steel can be exempted from packaging.

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