Website data cleaning and updating instructions

Release time 2020-05-22 17:00:30 73 times viewed
The data you see in the company's analysis report is based on the original customs data, but our team did a cleaning action on the original customs data.

We have the following cleaning process for the original customs data
Standardization of company names (many companies are actually the same company, but the company names are different)
Clear the logistics and freight forwarding information (we have our own logistics information database, which will filter the officially entered companies)
Merged company trade data (you can see all trade data of this company in the company analysis report data)

It takes a lot of effort and time to clean the original customs data, so the update speed of our data will definitely lag behind the update of the original data, and usually it will be about 2 months later than the original data. At present, we are increasing the situation of cleaning machines and optimizing algorithms to increase the update speed to monthly updates. Users who require data update speed can check it in the customs data channel, which provides the latest and most original bill of lading data.