How to apply for enterprise customs code?

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When enterprises are filing customs records, they will have an enterprise customs code, and the customs code of each enterprise can be found at the customs bureau. So how to apply for enterprise customs code? What materials do I need to submit?

The consignee or consignor of import or export goods shall go through the formalities of registration at the local customs in accordance with the relevant provisions.

The consignor and consignee of import and export goods may handle the customs declaration business of the enterprise at various ports or customs centralized business areas within the territory of the People's Republic of China after registering with the customs.

When applying for registration, the consignee or consignor of import or export goods shall submit the following documents and materials:

1. A copy of the copy of the business license of the corporate legal person (who submits the business license as a sole proprietorship, partnership or individual business owner);
2. A copy of the registration record form of the foreign trade operator (except where laws, administrative regulations or the Ministry of Commerce stipulates that registration is not required);
3. Photocopy of the articles of association (non-corporate legal persons are exempt from submitting);
4. A copy of the tax registration certificate; a copy of the bank account opening certificate; a copy of the organization code certificate;
 "Registration Form of the Customs Clearance Unit" and "Registration Form of the Customs Clearance Unit Manager";
5. Other documents related to registration.
The enterprise customs code is like a personal identification card, which is a certificate of the customs enterprise. When applying for the enterprise customs code, you need to prepare the above materials and go to the local customs bureau.

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