What is a barge bill of lading?

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Barge, a small boat used to connect the cargo of a large ship. The cargo transported from a distant place by the large ship cannot be delivered point by point, or the dock is shallow, and some barges will be connected.

The barge bill of lading shows the name of the port of departure and the name of the barge's vessel, but the date of loading is the date of loading the barge. The shipping list is the name of the port of shipment and the name of the ship. The loading date is the loading date of the ship, which will be later than the loading date of the barge. Generally speaking, it is faster to issue a barge bill of lading than a ship bill of lading.

The barge itself has no self-propelled capability. It is a cargo ship that needs towing by a tugboat or a pusher. The big ship has its own power. Should the name of the ship when buying insurance be the first or second boat? In fact, in the maritime insurance, the first trip does not matter, the bill of lading can only give you the first trip, but if you have problems with the second voyage during the entire maritime process, there will still be insurance because the insurance is warehouse to warehouse, therefore, it is not necessary to be too entangled in the insurance of the trip, as long as the insurance is purchased.

Barges are small inland river vessels and are not eligible to issue ocean-going vessel certificates. The big ship is eligible for voyage. We will feel that only the destination port of the large ship bill of lading can be picked up. In fact, this is not the case. The barge bill of lading can also be picked up, mainly depending on the requirements of the customer in the destination port. If you want a large ship bill of lading, you can also get a large ship bill of lading after the ship is opened, but you have to change the order to pick up the goods at the final destination port. For customers who make letters of credit, if they have to obtain a shipping certificate, they can only issue a large bill of lading.

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