What is the difference between a company of import and export and an agent?

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Foreign trade import and export business is generally divided into two categories, one is a self-operated import and export company with import and export rights, and the second is an entrust agent company with import and export business, then between self-operated import and export companies and agency companies, what is the difference between the two?

Self-operated import and export company
A self-operated import and export company refers to a trading company qualified for foreign trade operations. Its business transactions focus on foreign countries, importing foreign goods into the country for sale, or purchasing domestic goods for sale abroad, and earning the difference from it.

There are also some foreign trade companies with import and export rights that will accept the entrustment of some units without import and export rights to act as agent for import and export, and collect agency fees from them. Subsequent work in customs declaration, commodity inspection, tax refund application and other aspects of the entire trade process will be completed by an agent of a foreign trade company.

Among them, the business scope of foreign trade companies is generally divided into goods trade, technology trade and service trade. As a self-employed or small company, it is generally unsuitable to engage in technical trade. Some commodities in the import and export trade of goods, such as grain, are exclusively operated by designated companies, and individuals are not allowed to operate. For furniture, home appliances and other businesses that occupy a large amount of capital and have complicated after-sales services, which is not suitable for individuals.

Import and Export Agency Company
Import and export agency companies are companies that belong to the category of commercial services. Mainly for small and medium-sized enterprises and SOHO individuals who are not familiar with trade operations, rules and risks, assisting in the completion of foreign trade and other related business activities. Usually the main business includes: agent inspection, agent warehousing, agent customs declaration or customs clearance, agent receipt and payment of foreign exchange, export tax refund advance payment, etc.

After improving the entire industrial system, the import and export agency company vigorously develops the internal and external sales of agency products and the international procurement of agencies. Such companies must not only understand the laws and regulations in foreign trade activities, but also maintain good communication with relevant departments on the basis of coordinating multiple parties. They must also keep abreast of international trade trends and temporary changes in foreign trade policies.

Every job requires the operator to have a comprehensive knowledge structure and coordination capabilities, which can help customer reduce unnecessary costs or get more orders.

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