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Generally, we find the contact information of customers through Google search, yellow pages, Ali international site, exhibition and other channels. However, Foreign Trade State found that the contact information was not accurate. For example, due to the variety of local mailbox and general mailbox in Google search, the searched mailbox was not accurate whether the local mailbox suffix was used or the product keyword + general mailbox suffix. And we cannot further verify the accuracy of these mailboxes.

The number of yellow pages is more. If we want to find a company, we should search website one by one and it needs much more time and efforts; Now the list of buyers of the exhibition is also relatively extensive, the above customers have basically been "bombarded" by emails for several rounds, so our emails will inevitably be rejected or blocked.

Based on the search channels mentioned above, Foreign Trade State has collected some methods of searching mailbox from friends:
@+Suffix of company official website, for example: search ""
Product keywords + universal email suffix, for example: search toy
Country local mailbox suffix, e.g. Mexico
Yellow-page collection, e.g.、
Buyer's information for participating in trade shows, or product keywords + show search website

It is a long and repetitive work to find the contact information of customers. The company contact information collected according to the above method cannot be used directly, and further verification of contact information and contact person is needed. If you spend most of your working day searching for companies and validating and filtering contacts, you can imagine how inefficient it is to develop customers. Where else can we find the company's contact information? In fact, the contact information of the company can be obtained directly from the customs data.

Official contact information
Some companies will leave official contact information in the original bill of lading when they declare at the customs. It is Official real and valid data information so that we do not need spending extra time to verify contact information. And there is a friend wanting to say: "I used Google search to verify the contact information on the customs data, and found that some contact information was not accurate, and was not the sales staff. ”Of course, the customs data will also be inaccurate, such as: the customs declaration was not the company's sale man, may be only the staff of implementation, so the contact information was not accurate. There was another case where the original bill of lading had no contact information.
In both cases, tools to verify the accuracy of contact information are essential.

Mailbox collection software
We can use the mailbox collection software - social media search, using company name, product keywords or official website for a network-wide search. Through Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other social media platform channels to dig deeper into more contact information, and from which to filter out the appropriate contact person and contact information.

Have you noticed that in the official contact information, we can see contact person and position. This position (Title) is the key to determine the target contact. This method is fully reflected in social media search. Through Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other social media platforms, we can find the contact information of more positions and verify the accuracy of the contact information, the position and other effective contact information.

The contact information that can be found on the Internet has been basically reused many times, and it is not unusual for development letters to be rejected and blocked. But the first step in development is not complete until the development letter is delivered to the key positions. Therefore, Foreign Trade State believes that to quickly and accurately find the contact information of key people in the company can not only contact customers earlier than others, but also greatly improve the work efficiency and further realize precision marketing.

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