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In theory, a product corresponds to a unique HS code, but in actual business, due to the reasons of the declarer (such as: spelling, grammar, wording habits, etc.), a product may correspond to multiple HS codes for customs declaration. Before we conduct a combined inquiry, we should first find out the HS codes used in the application when exporting LED lamps in the target country. This is the first point. Secondly, we know the same product and it also has multiple English descriptions. At present, there is only one product description of LED light. Is there any other English description of this product?

"Quick version" customs code
We can use the international 6-digit HS code to quickly find the local code used in India in the customs data and check it with the specific product description. From the description of the transaction record, we can see that this is a product related to LED lamps. Then the corresponding code of the product is 85414020, which is one of the customs declaration HS codes used by Indian imported LED lamps. Filter these customs codes to find out all customs codes for Indian imported LED lamps. Record the HS code of the product found. (Don't forget to remove the duplicates!)

Related description of products “covers all"
Based on the product description of LED light, we can find some corresponding transactions, which involve the customs code. We also combined with each product description to check, and we can find that this transaction product is also LED related product. Have you noticed that Foreign Trade State has circled the code? We can also use the customs declaration code in this part of the transaction data. Sorry, I digress the topic! To get back to the point, when looking at the product description in the trade data, look for any keywords you can use.

For example, this transaction: Through the content of translation, we can see that this transaction is also related to LED lamps, and using “Led Spot Light” can also describe products such as lamps.

A: Hmm ... can this keyword be used directly for query?
B: Of course, you have to search first. Can the product description of Led Spot Light find data in India?

From the figure above, we can see that this product description can query data, verify other transactions, and see if the product description is related to LED lamps. Through this method, we not only found some other product descriptions of LED lamps, but also found some corresponding customs codes.

Enter an English description of the LED lamp in the search engine, and list the keywords of the product description in the search results, such as led lamp, led tube, etc. (Secretly tell you, Foreign Trade State uses Wikipedia) Can these product keywords be used in local customs declaration in India? Similarly, let's verify, search and combine the corresponding description of the transaction to determine that these keywords related to LED lamps are also product descriptions that we can use.
What are you doing? Write it down! (Verification must not be forgotten!)

Accurately develop and purchase customers
We put together the customs codes and product descriptions recorded above, as shown in the table below. The next step is HS code + product description pairwise search. Using HS codes and product descriptions to conduct a combined query has increased the scope of our search for buyers to a certain extent, retrieved more buyers of similar products, and conducted integrated screening to find our highly matching target customers.

Here you should pay attention to:
Using this combined query method can help us filter out some query interference items brought by a single word, making our search results more matched, and more accurate buyers found. But? Before the combined query, there is a major premise. You need to find all the HS codes and product descriptions that are applicable to the target country. Otherwise, some search results will be missed.

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