How to filter out B2B platforms in Google search?

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When we use Google to search for product keywords, we often encounter search results that include many large and small B2B platform websites. For example,search for product keywords Stuffed toy.

From the above screenshots, we can find Amazon, IKEA, etsy and other online retail store platforms in the search results. Or B2B platform websites such as Alibaba and made-in-china.

Obviously, our ultimate goal of using development customers is to find potential target customers. The ideal type of search object is definitely a company-type website or an enterprise website. Therefore, the search using product keywords alone does not match our expectations.

In Google's basic logic operations, it is actually possible to filter and filter out some search results by inputting keywords by subtracting some characteristic keyword forms. How to do it? For example, we still search for the product keyword Stuffed toy, and enter Stuffed toy -Amazon directly after the product keyword in the search bar.

It is not difficult to find that the Amazon website platform that was originally displayed in the search results was filtered out and replaced by other web pages found below. In this way, we filter out certain types of websites from the search results.

Then the question is coming, if there are so many B2B platforms according to the above filtering method, if other B2B websites are found to be subtracted, it is obviously that the filtering efficiency is relatively low, and the effect may be Not very good. At this time, we need to find some keywords that can effectively filter out these B2B platform type websites as a filtering restriction. So how do you find common, common strings and filter words on these B2B platforms?

Let’s take a look at some well-known B2B websites in the foreign trade industry. In the search engine search, the content of the three sections of the title, description bar, and keywords will be filled in. Can we extract some representative feature words and key words from it? 

Open the Alibaba website and view the source code of the webpage.

We can see that the title tag contains keywords such as Manufacturers, Suppliers, Exporters, Importers, largest online B2B marketplace, etc. Our purpose is to filter out some B2B websites, so as to find more desired business type websites. Therefore, keywords such as Manufacturers, Suppliers, Exporters, and Importers are also commonly used keywords for import and export enterprise websites. In order to avoid filtering out the target enterprise websites, we do not choose.

The largest online B2B marketplace is obviously the filter word for the B2B website we are looking for. The term B2B foreign trade platform plays a role in identifying the type of website on the B2B web page. Looking at the keywords tab again, Trade Leads refers to trade inquiries, which are also high-frequency feature words on B2B websites. 

In the description, the phrase “Find quality Manufacturers” indicates that the service content of the website is to help us find high-quality manufacturers and is also a characteristic word of the B2B website. Furthermore, importers and exporters only call themselves Buyer when they need to buy some products on B2B websites and information platforms, so this word is obviously also a characteristic word of B2B websites. In this way, we extracted four keywords that filter the B2B website, B2B marketplace, Trade Leads, "Find quality Manufacturers" and Buyers from the labels of the aibaba website.

Then we look at the made-in-china website.  

In the same way, the tags of the website were analyzed and extracted China, "Source * products", "Find * Suppliers", “B2B e-commerce website”, these keywords filter B2B websites.

Check the Globalsources platform website.

Extract high-frequency feature words from B2B websites such as B2B Wholesale Marketplace, B2B marketplace, Chinese wholesale and other B2B websites.

By querying the tags of three well-known B2B website platforms, we extracted some keywords with B2B characteristics. According to Google's single-string search rules, we extracted the following filter words: B2B, Marketplace, Leads, Buyers , "Source * products", "Find * Suppliers" and "e-commerce website".

Finally, these B2B filter words are combined with Google's basic logic operation, each word preceded by a minus sign. Similarly, we use the product keyword Stuffed toy to verify, enter Stuffed toy-B2B -Marketplace -Leads -Buyers -"Source * products" -"Find * Suppliers" -"e-commerce website" in the search bar.

We can see that in the search results page, basically some common B2B website platforms have been filtered out. Of course, like some other B2B websites, common feature words can also be extracted in this way and added to the filter string. In this way, we can effectively filter out these B2B types of websites.

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