How to use Google to search for customer groups in specific foreign markets?

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In the process of using Google to search for customers, frequently used search keywords include products/product categories, industry application fields, and some specific types of features. This part of keyword acquisition method can be through the study of the company's products and categories, constantly try to search, and according to the feedback of the search results, determine the main product name, category name and application name.

As for the specific types of features, the actual application is generally the suffix of the company name, that is, when we search, we add the qualifier of a certain foreign company after the product keyword, for example, the US company name suffix is ​​.Inc ,. LLC; Dutch company name suffixes are generally BV and NV.

When we combine keywords to search, we often use some basic Google search commands to match keywords to search. Here are some things to pay attention to.

Considerations for the combined search
For example, Google's basic search instruction site, which can help us search all pages of a website domain name ending with a known domain name. The main function is to restrict the search domain name. So suppose we want to search the websites of some American companies, according to the above search criteria, we add site:us after the keywords we entered. Is this a reasonable search method?

Here we need to consider the websites of commercial companies in the United States, most of which choose the domain name of .com, and only a small part of the domain name ends with .us. So if we directly use the site command to search for US customers, the search results may be less, which is equivalent to narrowing the coverage of the company's customer base. Therefore, when we use Google's basic instructions and keywords to search for customers, we must use our own search purpose and intention as a starting point to determine how to combine search keywords.

In addition, what search keywords do foreign traders often use when developing customers? That is the customer type.

Choose the right customer type
Common types of customers are distributors: importers, manufacturers, wholesalers... ; Services: Leasing, maintenance, design... ; Non-profit organizations: communities, schools, graduate schools... For us, the type of customer we need often depends on the characteristics of our products. For example, if you are making low value-added, easy-to-consume products, such as disposable masks, disposable gloves, generally suitable for distribution customers, such as distributors, wholesalers and so on.

Common combination search methods are industry words + customer types, product words + customer types. For example, we want to cooperate with some wholesalers and distributors who make LED lights in the US market. After determining the type of customer, it is a combination of search keywords. When setting search keywords here, try to put the main keywords in front, that is, put the customer type word you want to search in front of the product keyword.

Next, the question is how to limit the search results to US companies? As mentioned earlier, using the site search command will reduce the coverage of the company's customer base. Here you can choose to use the advanced search function in Google settings. In the Country/Region option, fill in the country/region of the restricted webpage.

How to do it? Open Google search and enter the advanced search page. In the condition setting of the search page, enter the search product keyword LED lights, and the desired customer type Wholesaler OR Distributor. In the regional option to narrow the search results, choose to find web pages published in the United States.

After setting, click Advanced Search. Let's take a look at the search results.

Click on the webpage in the search results and take a look at the company website.

In this way, we have found some groups of wholesalers and distributors of LED lights and other products in designated areas.

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