How to improve the repurchase rate of cross-border e-commerce?

2021-11-25|82 views|Development skills

The competitions among merchants are increasingly fierce due to the rapid development of e-commerce while the cost of customer acquisition becomes higher. In order to retain the customers, the price of the first order will be lower and the profit comes from the subsequent orders. So it becomes important to increase the customer's repo rate.

Most merchants in Cross-border e-commerce will pay attention to and spend money on the first visitors, ignoring the regular customers.

If the customers come to your store again to make a purchase which means they approbate your products and the repo rate can be increased according to improving our service, such as giving discount to the regular customer, delivery in priority, sending new arrivals for their suggestions. 

Get more loyal customers according to the above ways instead of waiting for the inquiry aimlessly.

Customers are best qualified to speak on our products because the factory has no idea of the products usage situation. We can improve our products to obtain their loyalty by listening to customer's advice. 

Also, you can express your gratitude by giving some rewards for the useful suggestions and increase the communication frequency with customer.

Screenshot the positive feedback and put on the website or social media such as Facebook, LinkedIn, to motivate the consumptions. And the regular customer can comment and like our social media to gain the popularity. 

There is purchase cycle of each customer so that we can push some products related content to them at fixed time. The content cannot just be the advertisement, but also product information or new arrival trial. And too much push will cause the antipathy.

The price and quality have no advantages nowadays because there are various similar products in the market, but the purchasing experience can be improved. For example, Diamond Candles is a company selling candles. Putting a decorated rings on the candles makes them are different with others. So a small change can make a distinction between you and your competitor.

Change the product packing instead of change the product. For example, you can provide some small gifts to your customers every time and they will feel like unpack the mystery boxes. Also, you can deliver a brochure with your products, bringing the freshness to your customers, to increase the customer's repo rate.

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