Do you know all there is to know about WhatsApp account maintenance and customer acquisition?

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WhatsApp has become an indispensable tool for communication between the foreign traders and customers. Although WhatsApp is convenient and easy to use, it is not a domestic software, so it is easy to encounter some problems in use.

Today, I have compiled some experience about the use of WhatsApp, hoping to help you use WhatsApp correctly.
First.How to market the new WhatsApp number
Many users who are new to WhatsApp easily fall into the mistake of sending a large amount of marketing information to customers immediately. Then the account will be abnormal or blocked immediately.
Pay attention to the following aspects when marketing new numbers:
1.Do not add friends and chat frequently
Frequently adding friends to a new account will be detected by the system and the account will be blocked. You should also pay attention to chatting. Try to find some old WhatsApp users, which is a bonus for newly registered accounts. However, you need to pay attention to the frequency of chatting. It is better to limit the message volume to 100 within an hour, and then slowly increase the frequency of use.
2.Keep your account active
After the new account is registered, you should always use it. Don't open it when you are doing marketing, or leave it when you are not doing marketing. We should try our best to log in every day, chat with friends and post updates regularly, keep the account active, and let WhatsApp think you are a high-quality user.
At the same time, it should be understood that the new number should be kept active for 10-15 days since its registration, then it can be considered as an old number.
3.Selectively join the group
When you interact with your friends in the address book for 2-3 days, you can start to add groups. At the beginning, you can listen more, see more, and speak less. You can often check group messages, and then slowly increase interaction.
4.Improve communication technique
Making customers feel comfortable can attract them to talk. Therefore, when communicating with customers for the first time, try to send some interesting content to guide customers to chat with you.

Second.How to get customers quickly  

1.Add known customers as friends
As long as we have previously saved the customer's contact information to the address book, we can add the imported customer as a friend when logging into WhatsApp.
If it can't be added, the following conditions may exist:  
WhatsApp is not installed on the other party's mobile phone
The customer's mobile number is incorrect (the international number does not have the prefix 0)
2.Obtained through some channels
Common methods to obtain the customer's mobile phone number include exhibition business card, transaction information of old customers, customs data search, Google search, B2B inquiry, etc.
3. Group reception
Search relevant websites by entering "chat. whatsapp. com+keywords" in Google's search bar. Click it and you can find your target group to add. (At present, the maximum number of people in a group is 256. In order to join the corresponding group, you must pull through the group link or group members.)
In addition to this method, we can also find relevant groups through keyword search on Facebook. The advantage of using Facebook to search groups is that it can be directly imported into WhatsApp.
At the end of the article, let's share some tips on how to use WhatsApp:
1.If you want to bold the font, add [*] before and after the input
2.To make the font italic, add [_] before and after the input
3.If you want to add strikethrough to the font, add [~] before and after the input
4.If you want to cancel the automatic downloading of pictures and videos, you can modify them at "Settings - Data Usage"
5.The picture you want to send will not be compressed. Select the Document function to send
6.If you want to cancel the double blue check, you can go to Account - Privacy to turn on or off the "Read Mark"

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