Don't say you can't find a customer, teach you Google customer development skills hand in hand

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For foreign trade professionals, Google search engine is an indispensable tool that plays a significant role in finding customers. Today, I will combine online tutorials with my personal experience to share some tips and tricks for developing customers on Google.

Before using Google, we need to make two simple settings to ensure more accurate search results.
Step 1: Set Language
The search engine provides different search results based on the language . Therefore, if you have a target country for customer development, you can set Google to that country's language. If you don't have a specific target country, you can set it to English.
Step 2: Advanced Settings
Advanced settings mainly involve location settings, similar to language settings. If you have a target country, set it as the search location. If you don't have a specific target country, set it to the United States.
After completing the settings, we can start searching. Currently, there are three commonly used search methods: product keywords, industry keywords, and customer website keywords. I won't explain the related terms here, as I believe you can list some vocabulary related to your industry. Below, I will mainly introduce some search techniques, including: product name + importer, product name + company suffix, Google Images + product, product name + distributor, product name + market research.
Perhaps many foreign trade professionals are not familiar with the suffixes used by companies in different countries. Here, I have compiled the following chart for your reference:

Next, let's demonstrate through practical operations. Let's assume you are a manufacturer of glass bottles and you want to find customers by Google. You need to know where glass bottles may be used. Common places include breweries, canning factories, and jewelry stores. With this information, we can use the keyword "Brewery" to search on Google.

Of course, we can also add some qualifiers before the keywords, such as Beer, wine, Sake, etc. This will provide more accurate results. If you want to filter customers from specific countries, you can use the "in + country" format, for example: Wine Brewery in France.
In addition to improving filtering accuracy through settings, there are some search techniques that can help increase accuracy. Here are a few commonly used filtering techniques among foreign trade professionals:
When searching, if you use "+" to separate two words, it means that the search results must contain both of these words. For example: Beer + Suppliers, the search results must include both "Beer" and "Suppliers," narrowing down the search range.

If you want to search for multiple types of customers, you can use "OR" or "|" for searching. For example, if you want to search for customers that include "sourcing" or "procurement," you can use the format "product + sourcing | procurement" to ensure no information is missed.
Sometimes we want to exclude certain specific words, such as B2B, Marketplace, member, China, etc. In such cases, you can add "-" before these words to exclude search results that contain them.
If you find a suitable customer website and want to find more related websites, you can use the format "related + website URL" for filtering.
I hope the above techniques are helpful to you!

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