WhatsApp's New Features and Common Problems Analysis: A Communication Tool for Optimizing Foreign Trade Business

2023-12-08|105 views|Development skills

WhatsApp, as a widely loved international messaging app, is highly favored by foreign trade professionals.
As a messaging application, WhatsApp itself has few restrictions and frequently introduces new features. Even if users encounter issues during usage, they can resolve them through appeals or by consulting tutorials.

Recently, WhatsApp has introduced some interesting new features that can greatly facilitate our foreign trade work. We hope everyone has the opportunity to try them out.
New WhatsApp Features:

1. Voting Feature
 This feature helps us collect information through group voting, making it a very practical tool.
 When creating a voting feature, you can set limits on the number of votes per user. Additionally, you can view past voting records in the "Votes" section under "Chats."
2. Multi-Device Login
   WhatsApp introduced multi-device account login last year. In April of 2023, it also launched the feature of using one account on multiple phones simultaneously. In the new version of WhatsApp, one account can connect to up to 4 phones without needing to log out and log in on a new phone.
3. Message Retention
   As the name suggests, this feature retains conversation messages. When you choose to retain a message, the other party will receive a notification and have the right to veto; the message will be deleted after the retention period expires. Retained messages can be viewed in the "Retained Messages" folder.
4. WhatsApp Stickers
   This feature allows you to convert images into stickers. Long-press the image you want to turn into a sticker in the gallery, then open the WhatsApp chat and click "Save." This way, you can send product image stickers to your customers.
5. Dynamic Adjustments
   WhatsApp's dynamic feature allows you to choose the display time. Foreign trade professionals can use this feature to send promotional dynamics similar to social media posts. The new privacy settings for each dynamic allow you to freely set the visibility for each dynamic. Additionally, the newly added voice dynamic feature is also a good display and social mode.
Common WhatsApp Issues:

1. How to send messages to multiple contacts
In the top left corner of the contacts list, select "Broadcast Lists," then choose "New Lists," select recipients, and finally click "Create." The prerequisite is to have the customers added as friends beforehand.

2. How to send disappearing photos
On the right side of the photo sent to the customer, there is a "①." Click on it to set. After the customer views the photo, it will automatically be destroyed.
3. How to set last online time
Through this feature, customers can clearly understand your online status, helping to better maintain customer relationships. The setting method is very simple: click on Settings - Account - Privacy - Last Seen. "Everyone" represents people who have your number saved in their contacts, "Contacts" represents people who mutually have each other's numbers saved, and "Nobody" is equivalent to turning off this feature.
4. How to know if someone has blocked you
WhatsApp cannot be monitored through transfers. But you can determine if you've been blocked by sending a message. If the message shows a single gray tick, and you cannot see the customer's avatar and last login information, it indicates that you've been blocked. Additionally, the inability to successfully call the customer may also be a sign of being blocked.
5. How to retract sent messages
Long-press the message or image sent to the customer, then click Delete. This way, the customer won't be able to see the message you sent.
6. How to check if the other person has installed WhatsApp
Simply enter the number in the search box. If a chat box doesn't pop up, it means the number has not installed WhatsApp.

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